Intelligence and Autonomy

The probability of life forming without intelligence is altogether miraculous. People propound that this took place. The same voice that the miracles worked on earth by our Lord, enclosed in the Scriptures, could not be. Apparently, if someone should awake and find their vision restored by mere chance, it would pass. However, if the same took place and a person of great acuity performed this act, things change. It cannot be that a person of such sharpness could achieve such a profound task. We can surmise that people who do not profess faith in Christianity believe in miracles, but solely through unintelligence. Intelligence is not a prerequisite to performing a miracle, such as life itself. Evolutionists admit the probability of creation outside the biblical account is 1 in 10, followed by 113 zeroes–miraculous!

Things become obscure in a hurry outside the biblical account of creation. Theories abound to account for life, its symmetry, perfection, cohesion, splendor, and order. Interestingly , not one claim {advanced by people that readily lay claim to alertness} admits anything through the slightest intelligence regarding creation low-level. The requisite is nonrational, stupid.

Man glories in his inventions and is swift to ascribe brilliance to himself. For that which man does not form, and yet abounds in fullness, the principle of judgment man automatically evacuates, preferring to linger in confusion, a perpetual quandary. Attempts to produce a workable explanation void of any acumen regarding creation are insincere, its dishonest, mere playacting.

Man is astute, but loathe to accept any intelligence above his own God-given intelligence. An autonomous being who is straining to master himself and the world which the lengthy record of history has demonstrated beyond any shadow of doubt is unmitigated folly. How much more through education, to reckon that war, for instance, is madness!

Look to, and have faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ, for salvation from this present evil world. Choose life.

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