Only One Knows

Not striving for maturity, carefulness in one’s comportment. Shaky human beings will not create an Idyllic world owing to inherent human frailty. Yet, despite this dark shadow of a natural fact, ought we not contend for care and maturity particularly regarding ourselves and others? Let’s disabuse ourselves of the credulous notion that we can achieve one hundred percent perfection in anything and abide in goodness. Let us humbly accept our intrinsic feebleness and put up guards in order to preserve a higher percentage of care and maturity in our conversation. Would it not be best to maintain an eighty percentile rather than twenty?

When a well-dressed, immaculately groomed, articulate personality appears before one’s eyes in a compact, sleek, sterile studio on tell-a-vision program that promises an unrestrained analysis of events, the viewer should use care. The pundit, or a reporter {professional text reader} puts an argument and dilates on it to a certain magnitude. It is critical for the viewer to expand on it. If one cannot do so, then those who do the reporting govern one’s mind. For instance, I witnessed a woman who was staring at T.V. turn from the broadcast and state clearly that indeed it was questionable when life begins. The news reporters were speculating as to the same, however, it is base primitive instinct that enlightens us to the simple fact that life begins at the point of fertilization. Yet in this woman’s mind, one had reason to speculate because those angelic beings on the tell-a-vision prompted such speculation. If the well-intentioned lady applied herself to the matter beyond the scope of reasoning put forth by those inside the box, truth surely truth would have prevailed upon her.

Finite, perpetually error prone human beings that we are, it is a surety that people will engage in horrors if given the opportunity in order to spare themselves from dealing with inevitable consequences that follow from poor decision making. Let us maintain barriers that preserve sanctity in our world rather than evacuate certain principles and descend into the looming abyss, only to experience life as a nightmare come true. We need these barriers such as a police force, labor laws, because we are wont to exercise poor judgment at every level- intellect aside.

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