Cosmic Battle

Life is a perennial struggle: six days a week and at least twelve hours per day. Industrial inventions have not changed the evidence that existence demands such degrees of attention. We threw overboard working for sustenance in favor of slaving for money, particularly since the mid-19th century. This epic shift allows for those who command finances and vital resources the expedient of arbitrarily shelving a person’s ability to afford provisions according to profit-oriented patterns.

God, who provides through nature, attracts no such trivial burdens:

Matthew 5:45

That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

Impositions as businesses and centralized governmental authorities act as “middlemen” and stand between civilization and God’s providence. To the trivial eye, acquired ease translates into better living; the immutable principle stated above holds no relevance and faith in human beings hardens. Humanity perceived as finally conquering environment, moving on towards resplendency.

Individuals warp, however, under the weight of any threat to their circumstances; the extent to which varies from person to person owing to innate tolerances. The majority hold a weak tolerance compared to a subgroup that remains relatively unaffected. Therefore, it is unfair to categorize others who do not cherish luxury as simply lazy. In societies, a section does not possess the same overall reflexivity as the preponderance. The minority viewpoint is that the people should govern themselves rather than submitting entirely to corporeal institutions. Hence, despite the recent transformation into comfort, reality stands in an element; the six days, twelve hour maxim remains fixed.

Positively, surplus time owing to conveniences ought to work towards coolly communicating with the legislature as regards proposed statutes and enactments. Still, most people slave only to relax into the comforts afforded, placing what amounts simply as blind faith in the establishment, only to discover corruption when it is too late. Then, the picket signs come out and rude protests ensue.

Clinging to extremes, the public does not understand that there is indeed a middle ground to stay firmly upon; this rash, unenlightened attitude deftly exploited by the leadership to their unique advantage. Primarily, intellect serves best in the current setup, and this is the failing of the citizenry. Who is righteous for yielding entirely to earthly enterprises? Those who do are ineffectual; allow for increased victimization thru events manipulated by those they unwisely trust. As opposed to banding together in the face of great psychological pressure, individuals retreat inside their tiny microcosm of the world with those outside left to wolves.

I recently viewed a documentary involving pensions. A particular adult who had invested volunteered that she became acquainted with reports of vice concerning the matter. However, she expressed that her personal activity of marriage and family took precedent and, as a result, she placed confidence in the promises put forward by politicians and business directors entrusted with handling her savings. Years went by only to find that the pension that she looked to vanished, incurring to misdeeds within the varied circle of capital managers she had trusted. The stories she heard were true.

Where did this sincere lady go wrong? She placed exorbitant conviction on types and her individual identity above state involvements. I would not hazard that investing posed a problem. It is a lack of due diligence treating the matter. There is no excuse for such loyalty. Evidence of this is constant throughout history. Name an endeavor that man has not corrupted extensively. Politics, medicine, law, and religion. Five dollars for a piece of plain aspirin and the wealthy excused for misadventures that would upend the lives of anybody within the masses. And yet, the public sits idly by, pointing the accusatory finger, not lifting a finger to exact measures that would stem the ceaseless flow of corruption.

I do not expect, of course, eradication of exploitation. I maintain that there would be less should the crowd purpose their personal lifestyles in meeting the authority at the bargaining table rather than voting for a representative and resting nonchalantly by trusting solely to mainstream news to alert them to any happenings in the political realm. The mass perceives typical news as an absolute when it is only relative. The bulk of what any person needs to know comes via self-reliance. An independent investigation would have revealed fraud in advance, such rational information clearly not proffered by mainstream outlets.

It takes the greater part of like-minded entities to either undertake the struggle and grow, as well as to disengage and fail. Once again, masses comprise a vast bulk of followers and a minority of leaders. This immutable regulation guarantees the establishment prospers in its endeavors and there is no genuine concern on their part respecting push back in any substantial, intelligent form from the mob.

Each individual must recognize and accept which party they belong and to what degree. Hence, the prevailing agenda weighs against the throng; designed for civil failure. Anybody who holds the premise that prosperity comes in on a system based on money, governed by sinful creatures, suffers from a deep delusion. Nature does not compromise itself, yet humanity’s principal endeavor centers on compromising nature.

God will prevail, naturally. Humanities sweeping renovation of the physical landscape reeks of self-indulgence. Initially, everything civilization required to thrive on the basic level existed in abundance. We possess innate abilities to engage our natural surroundings and settle matters about nutrition, clothing, and shelter. What need is there of railroads, telegraphs, motor-vehicles, cellular phones, computers, credit cards, capital, the internet et cetera? Not to mention the myriad of mortal agencies that tend to these excesses. Why irradiate earth with simulated radiation that we all bathe in? What means the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program {HAARP} which purposes on the surface to control weather? What of the Ground Wave Emergency Network {GWEN} towers that populate the landscape? All completely irrational in terms of actuality.

The Holy Father prevails, naturally, and allows humanity, which persists outside of truth inside time, to hang itself. The mid-19th century marks the incipient stages of a signal transformation. Most parties believe life means ease and comfort when, in fact, it is a perennial strain as our transcendent, personal God duly warns us.

2 Thessalonians 2:11

And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

Ephesians 6:12

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.


Chary eyes

Guarded vision

Luring wonder

Blue elision

Slender moment

Lingering slaughter

Taking not

Living water

Death sways

Trace antiquity

Life stays

Marked sympathy

Vanishing point

Clean river’s flow

Hallow Spirit

Faithful soul

Even Now

Winding down,

Inside the shadow,

Outside of time,

No tomorrow

Dismal depths

A delicate sound

Brought to shore,

Nearly drowned

A creature stands

Yet not alone

Magnificent Light

Celebrated Throne,

Staggering wonder

Bow the knee

Absolute Glory

I can see

Purposive Variance

Prodigals feign astonishment and instantly condemn the misadventures of nominated officials. Mere playacting as the citizens recognize their political leaders carry the same inherent sinful nature as themselves. Affected wonder, hurried denunciation says more about the communal than their legislators in question, as revealed in Romans 3:15: Their feet are swift to shed blood:

That matters are not worse appears incredible for persons set aside. A testimonial to the long-suffering of our Master. Persuaded of primary sin and the Glory of God; any condemnation reserved entirely for us. Heartily praying to our Lord, Jesus Christ, for mercy having nothing by endorsement; with ample belief in His covenants.

Profligates feel entitled, expect sweeping sanctions, prolific dividends, and universal concord to radiate from set personages they stare up to as offspring to a foster. Yet grand failures and howling disappointments persist for distinct reasons. Willful devotion to a nominal ideal; malignly closing one’s eyes to the highest intimates a bizarre admixture of craven fear and impertinence.

Individuals salted away have no sense of entitlement, nor press of our Savior, other than His sovereign determinations intensify. Convinced of indigenous, pervasive corruption; owning a reverential fear of The Just Divinity who abhors sin and is comprehensive. Keeping the promise of redemption; life eternal in the bosom of Jesus Christ, whose work, applied by the Holy Ghost, infinitely reconciles. There is no setback and no discontent, placing conviction where it actually exists in The Holy God of Israel. A sober attitude reminded in Philippians 4:12: I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound: every where and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need.

Truth is ultimately one-sided, balance is illusory, an abstract of art wrought by the uncanny masters of deception and vice in a fallen world. Veracity is a whole; there is no variableness or shadow of turning. The singular fullness of our Redeemer is to be adored forever.

2 Peter 3:9

The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.


Anti-social distancing precedes the universal plague, which drove an expansive permissive element. Alteration of individual emphasis away from mortal beings towards simulated forms emerges from electronic mediums such as the 1896 unveiling of a movie theatre, followed by commercial radio in 1920, and in 1928, scheduled tell-a-vision broadcasting. 1971 and 1984 brought in personal computers and cellular phones, respectively.

With increased accessibility comes usage; automated channels have arrested the imaginations of the public far exceeding inclinations to connect with actual people. 2 Timothy 3:3 points acutely to this circumstance. Anticipation lacks in the revised natural world, leaving enervated throngs floundering. A profusion of mechanized devices promise fulfillment. Yet, once started, enquirers surfeit like ravening wolves on carrion {estimated ten to eleven hours a day absorbed with media}. What accounts for such insatiable appetites; who willfully attends to others with such frequency?

Individuals possess inherent tolerances. You determine the company of specific allies owing to Bon Ami; however, not govern a friend’s conduct, which is bound to prove inconsistent, and vice versa. With sinthetic designs, there is no divergence. Term is merely at one’s arbitrary discretion. Combined with the fact that replicas censure not. Everything you do and say is tolerable; never to go amiss.

All these perceived benefits outweigh human capacity and so we embody the chimera; forget ourselves in whimsy. Any chance encounter {while sleepwalking} among those who maintain a solid union with earth disturbs abstract daydreams of bliss and solitude.

The eerie capability to opt out of realism conveys dubious choices to a visibly susceptible populace. We may decline all who condemn our errant practices, favoring comprehensive bias. Losing sight of existence; neglecting all that is iniquitous in life. Characteristic nuisances duly magnify in consequence of indifference and expand into record dimensions. This also derives from Scripture markedly in 2 Timothy 3:2.

No matter how bleak the contrived circumstances, Jesus Christ provides as much strength as needed to endure. Without the Lord of Glory, all would appear lost. Hence, the mad dash by those outside seeking inspiration via artificial means. The great counterfeit rashly given exceptional stature tips the sense of balance; augurs the nadir of humanity in proportion to pragmatism.

Insurgent Death

Doyens who dispute the Scriptural interpretation concerning origins of life will glory in their own version; widely proclaim to have gained precise knowledge via scientific research and examination governed by human perception. Conspicuously absent, however, explains the origins of death.

Commencement and completion hold equal value, so we take both as a whole. This lop-sided approach reeks of bias. We must attribute dawning and finale to the same nebulous, blind, remote force. Therefore, of necessity, corresponding standing as respected comprehension. Rather than establishing a viewpoint regarding expiry, adherents of ‘good fortune’ immediately embark on ways and means of potentially surmounting demise.

Not a fair treatment of the vague, distant dynamism which occasioned existence. Isn’t dying as in living grandeur? Still, loss perceived as a lacuna; designated by scholars aiming at reconciliation between science. Here, humanity proves colossal ignorance à propos embodiment and time. Researchers concentrate merely on the visible frame while ignoring the invisible spirit. Clear bodies survive only in a stint, yet imperceptible essence coexists with eternity. Simple figures expire at the conclusion of an interval while abstruse cores continue.

Once the soul departs, it leaves academics with a lifeless body, which peculiarly they fervently work to add life to in advance. These matters are not important if one ignores the reality of being.

People ascribe cleverness to their finite selves pertaining to established artifacts. In associating expertise of natural design with an infinite personality, the golden rule aimlessly withdraws; pretentious creatures scratch their heads, approximating glorified apes.

A defiant, mendacious cry that higher intelligence does not exist beyond the corporeal despite the vibrant suggestion to the contrary. Spiritual blindness as aptly put in the Scripture. Truth ignored but not rescinded; like the spirit, verity is forever.

Sight Unseen

Societies base character judgments on remote personages solely on appearances. How much more concerning persons in their center? ‘Hidden in plain sight’ is a powerful tenet used deliberately by notables instigating inner war on the minds of an enraptured audience. Humans that dutifully follow simulation; break with reality.

“Visible principals over invisible purposes.” Manly Hall.

Politics {akin to any substance} requires an intuitive genius to achieve success. However, this immutable law remains lost on the majority that declares to be culturally astute. Odds promote a comparative few particularly regarding government. The dubious claim lives on the forked tongues of the preponderance. Actions reveal the story as realism is unavoidable. The passive endeavor of viewing news programs suffices for average types. Conversely, those genuinely civic minded actively engage doctrines outside the dearly loved rectangular box. So, the authenticity presents through activities and ordinary citizens approximate simple spectators.

“Little strokes fell mighty oaks.” Benjamin Franklin.

That which endures unseen destroys. The gradual procedure {related to water coursing over a rock} continues imperceptibly. One questionable piece of legislation here, a suspect administrative appointment there; little by little the world revolutionized. People pay scant attention to this method of sabotage; favor accorded to any hasty, observable scheme that anybody with a subaltern scholarship could certainly appreciate. So, the numb citizenry as a collective {similar to an entity under the influence of angel dust} sits passively and blindly stares as shady enactments and unsavory selections routinely pass by, pleasant clouds in the cordial air. Society approximates the oak tree firmly planted in season and powerless to remove to a place of refuge avoiding circumstance; the minor raps will force you into subjection. Time is the herald of death.

“Two bulls span a hilltop surveying a group of heifers grazing in the valley. The lesser eagerly says to the greater, let’s run down and soil one of them. The greater patiently replies let’s walk down and soil them all.”

Spiritual blindness accounts for the amazing shortage of insight. Not so with a limited number in your midst and perfectly secluded grandees who give an overall arrangement of life. The central difference is that those nearby remain free from electoral and financial influences that intend to subject you. Motivations stay obscure and therefore discernment must have rank. Blind faith in political heads wielding innate propensities over a bereft population equates a toxic proposition.

Listen close, hear discrete silence as a certain noteworthy on tell-a-vision or radio broadcast who professes to be wise carefully sidesteps the meticulous style of destruction. Imbalanced, these sibyls try to pacify beings by refraining from the obvious. Many forms exist to suppress populations, and this glaring fact the self-proclaimed oracles shy away from because they’re subjects and fearful of the authority.

Look upon these diviners as very faint-hearted souls who overthrow the facts through illiteracy.


Lethal fray


 Native fear

Invisible mind

Waxing worse

Past decrees

Cruel intent,

Hollow pleas

Alien to mercy

Know not grace

Venting spleen.

Beyond a trace

Unguarded prey

What to do?

Taken in

Passing through

Smeared red lips

Abysmal frowns,

Death is a carnival

Humbling, tainted clowns,


Central focus shifted, principally in the mid-1800s when extreme mechanical innovations took effect, yielding increased conveniences. Adjuvant supra structure and infra structure translated natural energies into working to support for-thriving industries and centralized state dominion.

Hence, societies search first for political and corporation leaders assigning nature to obscurity. Momenta for procuring sustenance no longer predominates the mind. Pivotal concentration aimed towards a proprietor who doles out regular wages to buy manufactured supplies; principal authorities collect levies from workers which support the titanic welfare enterprise.

If the hoi polloi applied their vogue, hazy civil faculties towards obtaining provision via the natural world, all would collapse from malnourishment and or exposure. A modest fraction makes and effort to research proposed legislation and communicate with their legislators. Irrational conviction dominates; that same principal secular societies ascribe censoriously to those who profess faith in a supernatural deity.

Genuine devotion prompts purposeful endeavor; however, ignorance and slackness prevails within lay groups. Worldly faith chiefly amounts to flipping a ballot in the open once every four years, regularly attending one’s formal occupation, and expense deductions. If a person suggests they duly pay taxes, consider one worthwhile incentive for so doing. To secure a bank loan, income tax documentation is a prerequisite. We ceased operation of the pay as you go precept for scholarship, home purchases decades ago. Imagine what the United States would look like, indeed your own narrow community without substantial bank loans, to supply money for wide-ranging endeavors. Most individual homes, communities, and businesses would disappear like a mirage.

Manage natural surroundings or yield to them? Positively, I would quite defer to wildlife than feral human casualties. The political arena exposes average citizens as slight intellectually for politics is a cerebral matter. Any brute beast may successfully contend with soil; so, man has survived over millennia. The political field is an atypical property where visceral swine perpetually falters. Success remained in the realm of commoners, acting in deference to flora and fauna. Conversely, placed on a diplomatic scale, balance tips favorably towards an intrinsically gifted minority.

Noticeably, the preponderance stays content, reeling in diminished returns while a small number thrive in surpluses. Murmurings abound from the plebs involving imbalances, exercising their right to complain {which I have yet to find in the constitution}, yet they travel no further than their safe, petite microcosm of the immense world. ‘Tis mere play-acting, knowing full-well politicians are just like they are-self-serving, yet different as regards intellectual capacities.

Distance from nature. Placing human-beings at the center of the universe fits the puerile view of humanity awash in fundamental sin; this is where the lower and upper classes collect as equals. Defiant, arrogant finite creatures prefer to wallow in mire, valuing extensive disease, rife discord, multiplying avarice, and myriad perversions. Essential humility thrown overboard in favor of trivial pride. Only the laics conveniently neglect the fool that invariably follows pride as a dour shadow.

So, despite recorded history over millennia, populations persist in their weaknesses because they have no choice but to rely on errant souls approximating themselves owing to a guilty conscience. Spiritual rebirth, not attained, but freely accorded by God, is the sole resolve for shame. Bereft, one commits to failure, resolute in death as those in life.

You want material conveniences via artifacts rather than toil through natural balance-you got it, and in full measure. The cup filled and is, in fact, running over. Recapitulation means to run through; the proverbial dais cast with predictable blame worthies. The overflow augurs a second flood, depleting the earth of all natural life; deluge of technological advancements eventually, decisively sinking lost souls. You will look for mercy from the earth itself, pray that a mountain fall on you, yet it will avail nothing.

Yours Truly

Deep-seated terror,

Wraithlike – I thrive

Animated by hate

So, I contrive

Indelible perversions

In this I boast

Casting a nightmare

From coast to coast

Keep you down

With a powerful arm,

Scattering seeds

Dread and alarm

You’re just a nuisance

On pride, you sup

Knife-edge of madness

Carve you up