The Trumpets

Given the slightest prompt, individuals will exalt themselves, naturally. One can indeed connect the name Christ {which typically serves as an expletive} to a festivity and hordes will automatically line up with enthusiasm to take part. So long as there is a broach of self-credit and adulation, the name of the promised affair, as well as the history linked with that name, counts not. Sophists easily dismiss name and record as they stampede towards retail institutions, micro-chipped cards in hand {the wave of the future} to acquire mere commodities that refer to a rough-and-ready glory.

Most times of the year, people choose to relax and spoil in entertainments instead of others to include family. Yet, at the assigned day, trumpets blare, eyes snap open, and its “lights, camera, action!” Throngs raised up from their slumber immediately embark on a frantic lunge for the promise of makeshift glory via the wide path of consumerism. Cheerful music accompanies this whirly dance, replete with lyrics that comprise trite phrases, glib remarks to round out this festival of consuming.

Does one revel in this setup that mimics authentic life and living? If one enjoys life as it is now with all of its entrapments of amusements, ready-made necessities, and simple artifacts that fill one’s surroundings, where is thanks given and to whom? Surely, it takes planning, forethought, coordination in order to achieve such a life. Who furnishes and maintains this setup? It is not the public but our political leaders, public officials, businesspeople who provide the structure that so many esteem as the highest standard of living in this world. Do we give thanks through a missive, e-mail, phone call to our representatives who enable the life we enjoy? The answer is an astounding no. It does not even enter one’s mind. We do, however, celebrate our abilities to take full advantage of the provisions. We may praise others who are like-minded, only not to stoop so low to praise those who put it forth.

Alas, when the parade concludes finally, people return to their slumber of entertainment and isolation content with full bellies and inflated self-esteem, self-importance that will keep them warm during hibernation until that appointed day arrives when the trumpets sound again.

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