A Great Society

A so-called great society is like a person {after all a society is just an aggregate of people}. It is conceived, born, it matures, reaches a certain peak, and then begins the state of declension and finally it dies.

The United States for all intents and purposes:
Conceived: 1776 Declaration of Independence
Born: 1783 Official end of hostilities with Britain
Matured: 1871 World’s largest economy
Peak: 1945 Diplomatic, military supremacy
Declension: 1945-

The United States will not be reborn. Sure, you have heard the recycled slogan, “make America great again” which political leaders bandy about. Should anyone say this to you they are either ignorant or flat out lying {Let us remember that the definition of a political leader is not defined by or exclusive to official government appointed leaders}. To be sure, the U.S. is in decline and will eventually die like all empires that came before.

The maxim, “the bigger they are, the harder they fall” pertains here as well. The whirld has not seen such as the U.S. in terms of political, military, industrial, and economic power. Hence the fall will be catastrophic, like nothing the whirld has not seen. Accordingly, the fall of an empire is always requisite to the height it achieves.

An underlying theme over centuries is that people have not learned the great lesson. We have not come to proper terms with what it truly means to live, and we are afraid of the specter of certain death.
Man does not know how to live or die properly. Man is infinitely concerned with himself. Materialism actually rules each day, rather than God and other people, one’s neighbors. If God does to come into one’s view, then God is relegated further down the list of priorities in any given day; God is not primary. {there are in fact many people who profess to be Christian who conduct their lives in such a manner}. For this lacking, the penalty is death as pronounced by the Almighty God.

God chastises man for his sinful behavior each day without exception. We die each day and in many ways.


Only by the tender mercies of God

I am allowed to live

What am I to the Holy God of heaven and earth?

Any vestige of good is of the Lord!

What have I to offer?

I must enjoy Him!

Abandon myself to the Lord who is light

The Lord is life, eternal life

To be left on my own, unaided…frightful

May the Lord God be blessed forever

Praise the Lord evermore

Praise the Lord alway


So wasily taken captive

In an instant I pine at the slightest inconvenience

A wont to be rebellious; a wont for what I want

Nothing in me of merit; it is all base

Lacking any depth or courage to rise up

Out of the pit of darkness

The lord God is strength

Jesus Christ is light

How is it that I have obtained mercy?

Too much for me to understand

Crushed by the weight of Jesus Christ and His glory


Lord, I am a giant fool

Take me away any way You can

Absolutely worthless, I am

I have nothing to show nor to give

I am Yours to do what You will

Glad salvation is not up to me

Oh, what a tragedy

May the Lord be praised forever and ever

Bless the lord God of heaven for all eternity

Praise God!


A fool for You, Lord

Everyday may I see Your light

Please look upon me with pity

For I have not a thing to share

Often I wonder why You care

None of me, all of You

No good thing can I do

Life means everything, now I see

I need You near; close to me

Praise be to God forever and ever

Yes, Amen


What I am to You, Lord?

A Holy God full of righteousness and understanding

A miserable worm am I

Yet, You treat me with favour

In grace and riches, I abound

What am I to do?

How can I please such a One as You?

Praise the Lord forever and ever

Praise the Lord evermore

Praise God


Your mighty works, Lord
Your masterful endeavors
With the sound of Your voice
And there is power in Your name
Jesus Christ
The Lord of Glory
My heart sings when You speak
I am overcome by Your Word
Back to dust as in the beginning
Who can challenge You
Praise the Lord, my God
Forever and ever
Praise God, forever


Holy Father in Heaven
Another day provided by You
My health seems fine
I am able like many are not
Food and drink to sustain me
Shelter and clothing fail me, not
Worthwhile endeavors to pursue this day
You are my rock
My source of inspiration
My source for life
The sacrifice of your only begotten Son
Blood shed for the remission of sins
A perfect work alone to atone
Jesus Christ and His death on the cross
It is where I must go
Where I must look
I pray that the Lord will strengthen me
Day in and day out
Keep me from the evil
May I fulfill His purposes
May I forget myself more and more
May I take up my cross and live, not die


Oh, Lord
Help us all
Evil abounds in this place
The sinful works of man seem to prevail
Satan and his host are always lurking
Seizing upon every opportunity
With Your blessing, Heavenly Father
We shall triumph gloriously
Having offered Your only begotten Son
As a living sacrifice
Atoning for the world’s sins
Our Lord and Master
The Saviour of the world
The One we look to
And, Behold, He is sitting at Your right hand
Waiting until His enemies shall become His footstool
And we long to be like Him
To see Him in His glory
To see Him face to face
Our blessed Saviour

My Lord

My thoughts are of you

Often times I know not what to do

Nor what to say

I trust that You will find a way

Through the darkness

It covers my face like a veil

You are my love

My only true hope

Relying on You

I can cope

Please look upon me

I need to feel Your gaze

Warmth in the midst of a cold, black shadow

Bracing me

I am free