This Earthly Realm

The sum of lackluster wills

Fashionably undone

Ever soothing our ills,

Seekers of fun

From truth we run

In false light – repair

Subject to the baron,

Of the power of the air

It’s pride that kills

Second to none,

Oh the chills

Have just begun

At the point of a gun

Thus we despair

Subject to the baron,

Of the power of the air

Receding from the hills

Sure to be overrun

And the chasm fills

One by one,

A fallen legion,

Trapped in the snare,

Subject to the baron,

Of the power of the air

Yet there is a scission

Most are not aware

Subject to the baron,

Of the power of the air

Greenback Boogie


Pay those bills,
Or you’re undone
Use your skills
Bow to the Hun,
Don’t dare shun
Your fiduciary duty
Not for everyone
The greenback boogie
In the mills,
A just few repugn
Into the hills
They will run
Under threat of a gun
Overcast and gloomy,
Blocking the sun,
The greenback boogie
Decorative lies like frills
Tales being spun,
Untold fabricated thrills,
For every one
Buried under a ton,
Like a horrible movie
That’s just begun
The greenback boogie
The masses to pun,
From here to Djibouti
Big Business has won
The greenback boogie

The Earthly Throne

Inside your mind,

The terror awaits

You’re left behind

Liege inborn states

Take pleasure in escapes,

Deep is my shadow

Dark amorphous shapes

My trail you will follow

A contract – signed

Closed are the gates

Without end – aligned,

The feeble psyche fabricates,

Descendant of primates?

Perceptions ring hollow

In desperate straits,

My trail you will follow

Leading the blind

With obscure mandates

Forever intertwined,

A horde of inebriates

My lie intoxicates

Take another swallow

And the crisis conflates

My trail you will follow

And the ritual consummates

Bringing all low

An army of deviates

My trail you will follow

The Counterfeit

Come peer inside,

Indulge the need to hide

With images and sounds

True fiction abounds

Passive: listen and stare

Thronged by its glare

Astray in blue haze

Curious eyes amaze

All seems so real

What does it mean to feel?

Seeking the false light

All day and night

Lost to oneself

Enslaved by the ELF

The whirld’s 8th wonder

It’s spell you’re under


Know all your fears

Cause they’re all mine

Awash in tears

In due time,

Partner in crime

For you I lust

By immutable design,

Return to dust

Grind the gears

Seek the sign

Pass the years

Doing time

The walls you climb

Utterly nonplussed,

Apart from the vine,

Return to dust

Closed, dull ears

Can’t hear the sublime

The shadow steers

Towards a new paradigm

An overcast clime

Breach of trust

Soiled with grime

Return to dust

The clock will chime

Who is just?

Past your prime,

Return to dust


A permeating sound

The Prince of the air

Dark images abound

While blind eyes stare

Beyond the glare

Lies a false light

Need not despair

No need to fight

Held spellbound

Without a care

Liege shadows surround

And close the snare

Without fan fare

Taking flight,

An ensuing nightmare,

No need to fight

Lost and not found

Forever elsewhere

Whirling around,

Without a prayer,

One to declare,

There’s no wrong or right

In the dragon’s lair

No need to fight

A hideous affair

Wallowing in blight,

Sink into the chair

No need to fight


Fool that I am

Called to this earth

Sent forth as a lamb

Lacking in worth

The good shepherd’s voice

One to behold

By your choice

Part of the fold

Brought even nigh

And given rest

My faithful ally

Withstood the test

What am I?

How could it be?

Will not die

I bow to thee

The Wave of the Future

An RF transponder

Lest you wander

In silicate glass

Only for the mass

Swinging your hand

Slave with a brand

A gen ID

Shades of a fruit tree

The inside story

An outer inventory

A surreal mark

Provides the spark

Darn with a suture

The knave of the future

The Ninth Letter

Deserve yet worse

Despise the curse

Speak so declaratory

Go through transitory

Trust not in man

Count on God’s plan

Read the Word

Have life transferred

Will live, not die

Love the Most High

Unto Us

“A child is born,”

For those who mourn

“A son is given,”

As pure as the driven…

“Upon His shoulder,”

To pass over

“His name shall be called,”

By the people enthralled


At issue and colorful


Here to restore

“The Mighty God,”

Light shed abroad

“The Everlasting Father,”

A well of water

“The Prince of Peace,”

Power to release