Long-range Planning

Long-range planning resulted in controllers leveraging the means of survival over out-of-control citizens during the spate of 2020. Line up for your injection of gene altering material or else! The treatment of publics as children is now acute. Still, people glory in dependence—having all things provided ready-made. To perform like trained seals for cold money is of no consequence. Independence for ease is the trade. One-dimensional psyches barred any thought of malicious intent coming from the top: dubious edicts which may leave no choice but to agree or jeopardize one’s public standing. The thought of trusted handlers demanding DNA-altering injections was beyond the reach of most intellects, and so it happened.

Precise groups gauged at the onset; the preponderance would submit because they held control over vital societal resources, and so applied force would produce the desired result. A lethal concoction of visible principles and plain fear stirred pride and moved faint hearts, respectively. Masses willingly proceeded to a local clinic on command—like good boys and girls—under threat of losing certain privileges. Citations for and against infusions are subsidiary. A fundamental rule concerning human behavior while under duress was paramount.

Any society would condemn monumental national debt and exposed borders, yet both exist. The implication: voters hold no power regarding the trajectory of the state. Widely held “believism” propels constituents as they hang on for dear life until the next referendum. Alas, with feigned vivacity, divisions rise, voting for more of the same, then fall back into relaxation mode. A time-worn cycle of violence—a hoary assault on truth.

Populaces claiming national liberty are living a lie; sways proved this with severity in 2020. We are free to indulge ourselves like domesticated monkeys. However, we must not mistake this for a national right, or federal obligation. Entertainment industries flourish; garner prodigious amounts of time and energy—a further condemnation of humanity. A lack of sobriety with masses relying on solaces radiating from “the cloud” via peripatetic electrical contraptions.

How people label new and experimental inoculations safe and effective is beyond reason. We brand a car new upon recent manufacture, yet we do not refer to it simultaneously as experimental as manufacturers uphold standards proven over decades, ensuring an irreducible minimum of utility and consistency. Anything termed experimental, however, has no essential predicate. Therefore, a decision to move forward is an exercise in faith.

In a law proceeding, an opponent could show certain means exist as well as precedent regarding medical experimentation by the administration conducted on unwary citizens. However, a supporter has no adequate response; can only allege that despite these proofs, managerial agencies merit obedience. Contrived fear mingled with prospective shame and guilt provoked individuals to sign on to avert public disgrace and loss of entitlements.

Credit lawmakers for not having their heads in the clouds gawking at shiny screens or wallowing in music out of desperation. Politicians are on top of things. They’re serious, if nothing else.

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