Individuals’ glory in fabricated contexts, conceived, purposed, by antecedents. Is it fair to say that heirs were absent? Yes, and no. Not in form, yet present in spirit as spirits endure, yet forms die. Human beings praise beginnings while denouncing culminations.

Mainstream news mediums, or channels, sustain an errant philosophy to which the masses are grateful. As the gradual flood waters of reckoning reach the ankles, knees, waist, and neck, faint souls look towards devised outlets and receive dispatches regarding drifts, followed by assurances via advertising. Comforted masses keep still despite surges. Confidence gained having at least faced a modicum of truth (like big boys and girls) buoyed by insurances of further consumption plus avowals by trusted politicians to keep the ship upright regardless of mounting waves. The hoi polloi would believe—although not wholeheartedly—aliens have alighted on earth should an authority wondrously appear on the small screen and state it emphatically, similar to the recent promotion of inoculations.

Civilizations prescribe laws, establish courts, elect judges finding fault in certain individuals for committing abuses; pronounce judgment, inflict penalties. So, we consider ourselves righteous. However, abusive behavior does not convey condemnation of humanity with death, the penalty for wrongdoing. There is no outside law, court, nor judge finding fault with humanity. This is inconsistent for human beings hold no claim on creation to include conscience distinguishing right and wrong. Still, humanity is unabashed assuming authority contented to leave the obvious question to conjecture (note the stench of pride mingled with insincerity).

Clear is humankind’s deliberate impact on visible creation. Not so distinct, however, as regards individual spirits or consciences. Shape a ‘greenfield’—reform the ‘mindfield’. Leading lights remain outside their conceptual designs imposed on the masses. Therefore, should the architects wish to introduce known stimuli to induce a desired reaction within, it is a small matter. Outside the unsuspected box, planners remain unaffected.

Belief is essential in translating concepts into tangible products. Once completed, however, faith will not enable them. Mobile phones, for instance, function not on faith, but electricity. Again, this dynamic relates to physical characteristics. Concepts have developed, taken form, yet are not discernable by the illustrious five exposed senses. Loyalty, for instance, even rises above dubious circumstances: a thirty-trillion dollar federal debt, user-friendly national border, domestic gender/ethnic manias will not dampen the fidelity of people possessed by public allegiance. Nationalistic pride endures squashing any notion to stop and think. Instead of analyzing the artificial casts, fealty drives conformity—relaxing into the forged molds.

“Most proponents of socialism are not socialists.” Intelligence reveals gross antagonism towards the idyllic portrait of the republic. Not able to concede flagrant disobedience; in a state of shock, counterfeit faith carries the faint hearted—like leaves in the wind. Consider the palaver instigated by dramatists of ‘The Chosen’ series concerning authenticity. The figurative artists portrayals as genuine as the miracles performed by direction under balmy theatre lights.

Hope rings eternal for future generations with accomplishments in genetics, and given time, death will die out. Humans translated from mortality to eternity—dead spirits in tow. Our inclinations shown over epochs may subsist forever. A pleasant little thought.

In darkness, passengers on an airliner don’t know where they’re going. Should something catastrophic occur—there is no power, nor any hope in passengers, crew, and pilots alike.

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