Spirit Takes Form

Mainstream broadcast channels, in particular, bolster the lie that human beings flourish. Treasured news outlets assert credibility while evading the patent fact of universal evil. Nowhere is general malevolence proffered as the source of divergence, thus supporting their credulous audience’s views. So, we have consensus between two factions eager to suppress flagrant reality.

The stylish context is people are fine despite random glitches yielding disastrous results. Shallow theories proliferate considering reasons humans exhibit damnable traits: an anomaly in the brain, indifferent environment, separate injustice, et cetera. Still, nothing beyond human capacity to solve; all it takes is awareness, education, and application to put people right. Of course, integrated masses must rely on the few experts holding unusual faculties involving wholesome existence—albeit on a noxious planet. Humanity stands to improve from solons that glory in occult wisdom provided by their master, Lucifer. Alas, the expectation is to reap guaranteed consequences.

Manufactured hype is a useful tool for influencing crowds. Summary report cards of all nations reveals varying grades. Intransigent Americans behave as though the U.S. prevails in all subjects. Observe the efficacy of indoctrination (mingled with willful ignorance) for close examination suggests otherwise. A flight of fancy is when a population exalts itself over another. Indeed, a robust propaganda apparatus encourages commoners to place loyalty at the center, thus displacing intelligence, censuring interrogation.

The United States predominated before those who compose its populace today. So, acclaim belongs to prior generations whose efforts pertained to establishing the nation—charting the course supplied by Olympians. Leastwise, once formed, maintenance discloses itself. Still, the previously mentioned liaison between the hoi polloi and leading lights endures. Regarding the multitude, we’ll find no genuine purpose aside from consumption. A spiraling national debt induced by profligate spending, a porous domestic border yet struggling to solidify borders 5,000 miles eastward, plus mounting heretical legislation, policies, and practices are apt reflections of aslant leadership—the moderate citizenry harmonizes. Subordinates gorge on the structure while leaders devour the foundation.

The United States—with western alliances—will not continue to exercise global authority. Long-range planning has developed into this spirit, taking form (first in the Ukraine). The Russian Federation and People’s Republic of China issued a joint statement testifying to this effect three weeks before the military campaign in February 2022. At various stages, domestic and international political officers have enabled, worked to enhance, the capabilities of eastern powers by intention or out of ignorance. (Contention arises when ascribing either state of being to particular bodies, yet the basis remains).

If you want relevance, current events, read the ancient Christian bible. A nation rises to prominence then falls into the background. As it’s written: a time appointed when all of humanity will cease to profane judgment. Oh, the long-suffering of God desiring all would repent.

Of note: silence resounds from the Vatican

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