Central Matters

Commentaries flourish, witnessing growing numbers of people opting to rely on state benefits for sustenance. There is also a desire among the administration to facilitate such individuals. By proportion people will take advantage. The public has turned apathetic. Still, in this age, governments are fain to grant aids, encouraging nonchalance. Historically, having all things furnished for a price produced complacency. Yet, trusted “leading lights” extended this design for living while bulks vainly followed in pursuit of serenity. It passes and the next stage in our collapse occurs, dragging the race deeper into self-indulgence.

In defense of the maligned public’s work ethic, employers do not exhibit the same grade of leadership as their predecessors. To construct a thriving national economy requires leadership acumen, and such was the case in the styles of erstwhile business magnates. Having prepared the foundation, we observe generations of scions rising to the fore, not confronted with the unique challenges of initiating; far removed from knowingly commanding grown people—only shuffling raw materials. Thus, translate their energies into self-gratification, naturally. These beneficiaries do not carry the same singular capacities for leadership, nor are such qualities necessary any longer. Intrinsically, a leveling off transpired, resulting in what we witness in our term. Potent leaders need not apply. As above, so below; today’s distilled executives will appoint types resembling themselves, of course, especially to hold management positions. And this retrograde action permeates the integrated atmosphere. Individualists should look elsewhere. Indeed, the founder of Ford Motor Company would not gain the favor of Ford’s hiring managers should he re-materialize applying for a doorkeeper position.

Raising a house starts with a foundation and people with this skill set. Once completed, however, we shift towards the next phase, releasing the first group in favor of a second possessing skills and knowledge involving the interior content. Finally, we realize the stage where occupants arrive enjoying the simple comforts. Naturally, the house progressively degrades. Human beings also deteriorate—death becomes all things. Of course, restoration may ensue; the original parts replaced with newer ones, yet ruin befits all objects.

Trans-humanism is an endeavor to sidestep demise linking technological features with the human frame, so we may survive forevermore! Alas, time is the nemesis. How do we render time obsolete? Trans-humanists prove their lapses, focusing on the effects of time rather than time itself. Thus, missing the central matter. How can a person influence the effect of death without grasping the cause of time?

Let’s not fly to deride commonalities for their foibles. What about the precept, “it starts at the top?” What happened to leaders holding themselves accountable? These factors, likewise, true marriage, family, have gone by the wayside. Self-styled ”great societies” perpetually yield no safeguard against time. Unable to come to terms with themselves. Missing the central matter of Scriptural Truth and the living God of all creation.

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