Biological Reasoning

Linear thought directs most humans in view of authority. Cause and effect, a straight line; rarely deviating. We may call these unions conformists.

To comparatively few types, spherical thinking principally guides, allowing measurable sides and angles. We may call these individualists.

Linear and spherical reflections compose inborn facets with prearranged margins. A comparison: the threshold for pain is distinctive for everyone; we merely live within stipulated confines. Preset patterned estimation is but one cardinal truth typically avoided. Enhancements may occur; however, the foundation remains perfect. Elitists direct these natural causes to shape societies. The “chosen” are not favorable towards spherical thinkers and purpose to sideline them at precise points, thus reducing pushback against authority.

A group of “superiors” envisioned the “New World” desirous of creating a political catalyst for universalism; eventually simulate control over everyone’s innate sense of right and wrong. An exercise in patience accepting their overall (pardon the pun) aim will simply develop during their lifetimes. Satisfied to carry the agenda forward; passing the initiative on to successive generations of like-minded intimates. Champions of socialism/equality have infiltrated all viable institutions.

Nations subsist on a shared, inexorable phenomenon—of any federation of people, a minority leads while a majority follows. Capitalizing on this ordinary regulation, “landed gentry” had only to mark themselves as trustworthy experts (rising out of synthesized chaos) and advance a creative mythology in a like manner. Once unraveling a conciliatory narrative spur the great unwashed towards gratification, translating priceless individual labor into futile mass production.

The United States Constitution implies active, informed citizens ensure just representation. Biological reasoning mastered by elitists proves unerring. Who actually conforms to the imperative premise? Intrinsically, the value negates the insinuated fair representation. Hence, advantage passes to a minor group that may legally impose upon the whole of society. Surrendered pivotal assets and expanding technology—provoked by working masses—strengthens the ability of leadership to trespass on everyday existence. Who has not realized that increased ease impairs ? Set yourself up as shrewd, submit double-dealing proposals and, based merely on appearance, an uncritical majority of enthusiasts will proudly salute. A fitting quote from a renowned author and historian regarding political posturing, “Visible principles over invisible purposes.” Self-importance, and the inclination to conform militates against looking beyond the surface of claims spewed forth by honored “leading lights.”

Observation answers the inauguration of the USA and that the vast majority intuitively conform. First verification: Control over significant resources remains with isolated administrators. Second verification: we owe it to the alacrity of the preponderance, striving to live in accord with a dreamy portrait, establishing the initial verification. Entire populations animated; satisfying faithless thoughts and aspirations of uncommon sways.

The U.S. President: To conformists, Le President is simply the most powerful man in the cosmos. Alternatively, Der Präsident serves as a broker between indulgent publics and distant peers; an obsequious skipper of the ship entitled, “The United States.” Kept for a charitable sum, a skipper dutifully steers towards a position dictated by ship owners.

I would imply that strenuous, open-minded patricians seized upon the Christian bible exploiting the inscrutable knowledge of human behavior intensifying the sinful state of hordes. Portentously, worldly Christian teaching continually recedes. (Not genuine faith, as the living God’s processes are not subject to human trends. Yet, the constraining faiths encourages this ineffectual notion).

Populations exist solely within contextual frameworks—advised what to think, as opposed to how. Absorbing conjectural views through formal discipline, profitable media, propaganda (advertising) and entertainment productions.

All opportunities to survive naturally have removed. This divergent circumstance coerces everyone to proceed steadfastly in a preset program. Toil for money, serve profit inspired suppliers for every need and desire. Indeed, a privileged generation paying for essential services. Believers amazingly draw pride from dependency; losing oversight over basic reserves is of no consequence for a world of ease. Contrariwise dependence; loss of individual control is a regressive dynamism.

With credit creation, notably in the latter part of the 21st century, an entity could rapidly achieve their own living space and all pertinent material furnishings by transferring fidelity to the municipal. To the conformist, this is improvement. Critically, self-centeredness took precedent over family; the w in “we” inverts spelling “me.” Adults render loyalty to the state circumventing family heedless of the consequent dismal ramifications. (Individuals reflect family. No family, no reflection).

People concede they have minds of their own, which is an oversimplified view. Your mind can operate on its own; reacts to particular stimuli independent of conscious thought. For example, inadvertently placing your hand on a hot stove generates an automatic reaction, preceding conscious thought processes of decision. Learned ones use this essential to influence behavior by introducing certain stimuli into controlled situations. To undeniable forces, the public amount to fish in a bowl: considered, probed, documented, and indeed organized by insidious behavioral modification techniques.

The elite systematically shape perception contravening nature. An ancient praxis as kings routinely minded the possibility of checking behavior. Of course, rulers have changed over centuries, yet this enterprise persists. Technology proves effective; applied regularly through an array of electrifying instruments—people are pandemic.

Matriculate in the school system at the seasoned age of five, displaying precise deference to the state. The Secondary Education Act of 1965: provided by trade leaders and dutifully implemented by federal authorities, remains the most expensive education bill to date. Enacted with haste—less than three months after the presentation. This initiative encloses adaptive mechanisms, raising compliance, and, by consequence, frustrates resistance (It is not what you teach, but how you teach). At the strategic point where analysis suggests itself, blind faith unconsciously enters warring against inquiry of claims prompted by perceived authorities. Not unlike a child’s trust in parents—it becomes inconceivable fosters would undertake to deceive.

Passage of the SEA only furthered prior strides to improve linear thought while discounting those of a spherical mindset; honoring cohorts while discriminating against independents. Another quote from a notable author and historian, “Permanent progress results from education, not legislation. Education is not the programming of individuals for mere economic survival. The greater spiritual, nonmaterial part deals in the intangibles of the right motivation and the right use. No individual who exercises wrong motives and misuses privileges attains to wisdom, regardless of the amount of formal schooling received.”

Normalities cannot guard against themselves. Eerie susceptibility to laboring for base monetary rewards doled out like chicken feed by cryptic lairds who, as a matter of course, foist mock propriety upon all by impulse. Do what you’re told, or you won’t eat. A latent warning permeates from the top in the vein of parents cautioning children. Still, “Free at last” noises from converts.

Caricatures of race and gender aren’t for the elites. You will not detect such lampoons within their families. Such parodies are for the mobs; serve Orphic purposes. The hoi polloi is no match for concerted, receptive squires and their uncanny masters. It is foolhardy to insist on that. Just consider the results—they’ve made it look easy.

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