Now we accept what we see not—a spiritual blessing from the living God. Outsiders altogether believe what they see with their eyes failing to answer chronic universal foibles and the recession of humanity allowed time notwithstanding advances in literacy and technology. People cast about; mere subjects of uncanny principalities which they perceive not.

Time, education, and mechanization hold no value pertinent to coveted serenity. Still, peace remains the popular refrain echoing from peculiar entities as the Universal Church, United Nations, World Health Organization, World Economic Forum, along with a plethora of private foundations. An extensive front in lockstep, raising clear-headed thoughts and imaginations, charging as learned ones; freely showering great resources upon wretched masses around the globe to effect liberation. Alas, this time we’ll also pronounce it by decree and legislate it.

Decisively, in this third millennium, self-styled luminaries involve a perfect gang of incarnations boldly shining a light on human suffering, and they’re aghast by the sheer spectacle. Spurred on by compassion and provoked by mercy, these hostages of generosity have cooperated, imposing a majestic scheme for deliverance. You’ll scour the cosmos and not find more sincere types capable of creating a “castle in Spain” (and if you don’t believe my words, just ask them).

Eerie to consider there are corporeal beings arrested by altruism; who could do nothing—indeed if they sought—outside the palisades of kindness? One may resort to assuming these bond-slaves to grace are angels slid from paradise. Observe their carefulness whilst promoting their intrigues to cease within a hair’s breadth of deifying themselves. Such restraint is laudable.

Roused by sympathy, the said captives of tolerance assert, “a needle in every arm.” Cast aside trivial apprehensions over your nation’s soaring debt, lasting plagues, and ancillary ideological hysterias. Anyone who disputes with soi-disant “leading lights” is wide of the mark. Simply allow believism to rule the night-hour. In our day, eldritch prisoners of humanity recognize what is most excellent for everyone. The sooner you sign on, the less laborious the result may be—at least physically.

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