Of a Nature

Human nature accounts for the prevalence of surrendering to human gene-transfer (therapy). Immutable predispositions resolve the degree to which any individual will indulge a rousing specter. One may have surmised at the onset of panic in 2020, the majority would adopt any government mandate hailed profitable at full tilt. Discussions over citations pro and against from accredited researchers comprise external intricacies over one’s internal grounds. We grant herd immunity, yet mask herd mentality. Why the indifference towards this natural fact involving human behavior? Not cited in main-stream news nor admitted in public conversation. Apprehension over this underlying potent driver is more pronounced than the sudden whammy.

First: a jarring revelation via typical news agents concerning an invisible deadly menace, a curse to public health. Second: an impulsive ruling from principal leadership to “lockdown” entire communities, followed closely by an impetuous directive to inject the citizenry with a radical serum. Every part timed with zealous promotion; frenzied application by industries and proprietors. Integrate the previously mentioned principle with gross levels of public dependence and faith in eminent foundations and, alas, you meet with slanted mass conformity.

Qualified data confirming the durable potion’s levels of effectiveness and protection remain submerged. Lords and ladies invoked the word experimental, spirited emergency use authorization and summoned the chant “safe and effective.” A coalescence of firm advertising and flabby minds thus raised uncanny cohesion. I desire to hear all converts ratifying they experience no harms resulting from the hurried infusion today and 5, 7 years hence.

According to recent data, 5.45 billion (71%) of the likely world population shoulders the liquid yoke. Various individuals credit the weird and wonderful redesign for preserving their health during the horrific spate, or jinx, yet cannot permit the success of those who abstained; endure as uncontestable witnesses that the rigorously advanced mélange is virtually gratuitous; demonstrate natural immunity—although principally abandoned—is still unparalleled.

Pretentious confinement, persistent masking, and repetitive drenching did not abate the feared wave or hex. Physical health abnormalities persistently increased. Psychologically, general anesthesia set in among the great unwashed while performing these express drills and circulates to this day—like the spike protein. Separate retrograde rewards include coercive power apposite for any regime; gluttonous financial remuneration appropriate to pharmaceutical enterprises and their investors.

Hoi polloi sedated, detractors silenced, corporations salaried, regimes strengthened. Ordered chaos thru engineered diseases excite whirld revolutions.

Should votaries address positive civic responsibilities, justification for lolling would dwindle. Precursors devoted less time to recreation. Notably, the scions imagine they’re entitled—the sustained campaign finished. Whence this marked variance?

Tell-a-vision onlookers, or diviners, expect provision similar to vulgar patrons at a cut-rate diner. Laudable outrages formed in an atelier by miserable chefs. Coarse attendants casually place these praiseworthy disgraces under hot studio lights. Alas, tawdry waitrons dole out the fusty scandals like chicken feed to uncritical, reflexive turnouts.

Respectfully emphasize apparent seditious activities and flag-wavers automatically howl in agony—as if pierced by a spear; and in reprisal, flash the expedient “anti-American” or “conspiracy theorist” card. Denial is the first resort of defiant adolescents. (You’re a foot-dragger—as they are—or an activist. Classical pattern of the preponderance fleeing to extremes. Still, every rank of society encompasses an intermediate class). Subversion is inconceivable; the mere thought wreaks havoc with the faith of entrenched believers. Cleaving to the textbook ideal provides a false sense of solace, which is better than none.

Double agents hide in plain sight; shadows are figments of blurred imagination.

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