Two Be Solitary

Native of a framework installed within a country devised by lords and ladies centuries ago (to further our everyday reasoning, framework comes before country). Fear is the imaginary fiber used to hold masses within bounds. Those on the leading end fear release of the masked cord, which would enable ample perceptions outside the proverbial box. Only God is strong enough to break the veiled thread and, in His inscrutable wisdom, does so with relation to Christians and non-Christians alike. There are non-Christians and Christians who hold a genuine view of entrusted leading lights than other Christians and non-Christians. Or selected non-Christians are more precise in their estimation of political figures and their machinations than Christians and vice versa (I use the phrase “political figures” broadly, ranging beyond formal definition. Messrs. Gates, Soros, and Buffett are stellar politicians. Mr. Trump was born into politics; an outsider only in the glib sense he didn’t campaign for office until recently).

Typically, inhabitants of the contrived complex delight in simplicity for contractual obligations to proprietors accumulating sums of what passes for money retaining the comforts within; choosing to remain encapsulated; released from erstwhile exertions in connection with survival thru multifarious prêt-à-porter necessities.

Progression analogous to an established swimming pool having three depths: minimum, average, and deep. Ordinarily, the relative risk free minimum extent suffices admirably. Conventional wisdom says why kick when sustenance, news and entertainment arrive pre-packaged and set in one’s lap? Authentic life is deep, yet risky. You will pay a severe price for verity—it is costly in myriad ways (petition the Lord, Jesus Christ, to be atypical, firmly planted to resist an ever-changing normality). “Change” the watchword during the 2007 presidential campaign with an orphic gist most failed to realize. Scamps championing the aberrant jingle yet again regaled in their occult knowledge and illiteracy of the mass. Supernatural forces guide human passage with mortal beings progressively brought along towards the mysterious—like it or not. Fear intensifies proportionately; all-powerful intelligences leading blind creatures into an abyss, ultimate judgment. Faith in the Lord, God almighty, Jesus Christ the savior and absolute authority is paramount.

The visitation in 2020, coupled with the economic slide, mere rehearsals heralding sui generis crises. Sure, a look outside reveals sunshine with people engaging in sport, amusements, going about daily business as routine, having adjusted as predicted to the so-called “new normal.” However, someone stated they did not expect such hasty, acute hazards prior to March 2020—this is the nature of scandals. Having awareness of insidious purposes and viable techniques in 2016—I flapped in 2020, given the abruptness of it all; the gestalt style of action. This makes sense, though; not aligned with particular chief individuals, a member of unique principal agencies.

Life: a splendid event all day, not. However, with a CPU (central processing unit) we can pretend it is. Is work, walking your dog, exercising, riding public transport, relaxing with family or acquaintances an absolute yawn? Sacrifice using your mind to liven the occasion and palm, engage a mobile computer instead. As a desirable alternative to human contact, embrace spellbinding, automated mass mediums, wander in translucent spherical realms (simulated realities) and sleepwalk through dreary, sin ladened time—the American Daydream.

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