The President, with his cohorts, accomplishes nothing regarding worthiness—absolutely no intention—any more than the electorate. The credulous suggestion is straight out of a school textbook. What’s right? Only God knows; therefore, He alone can judge, execute.

An acquaintance fascinated by the congressional hearings concerning 06 January 2021 attempted to share a broadcast from his precious mobile computer declaring hopes of “lighting a fire.” He said that it’s a shame such events could take place (Christians can’t believe things aren’t worse). However, this creature speaks predominantly of days eating, drinking, watching movies, and listening to music—weird and wonderful “fire!”

Several people have often expressed they know not when I am humorless. Still, they claim the ability to gauge a politicians actions with ease—owning unclouded vision via simulation, while real life appears indistinct. I suppose if images of me presented on a crystal screen, they would have no difficulty realizing my stunts. Conversely, actuality initiates great strain.

Recently, somebody announced those who believe in Jesus Christ (such as I) should have grave concerns about the world. Invariably, my advice is less self-indulgence and more self-possession ignored because of our preoccupation with gadgetry, the tendency to drift off into cyber-land. The previously mentioned statement reveals a complete misapprehension of the Scripture. Salvation is paramount, not preservation. Oddly enough, this Cyberian said “man is going to destroy the earth” yet somehow also believing a vote for Mr. Joseph Biden is a step in the right direction. Yet Mr. Trump’s janissaries feel the same? Both sides immersed in a deep delusion. A feeble expectation subsists of elected officials reasoning, preparing all glory (like Olympians) while the public eats, drinks, anaesthetize themselves with compositions and cinemas. Anyhow, somehow individuals with idle minds will eventually catch a wave of resplendence gallantly generated by sophisticated leading lights. For a purposely undisclosed object, we’re to believe that politicians possess exceptional gifts of motivation, judgment ranging far beyond the average citizen.

The contemptible topic of “Global Warming” arose between two men. One freely went on and on about statements provided by democrats and republicans specified as fact failing to provide his personal judgments. Weird implications surface. First, there is no viable evidence outside the congressional realm regarding particular realities. Second: no need for a personal investigation because of the hypnotic medium of tellievision. The other listened respectfully, adding that neither proposition—natural occurrence nor manufactured pollution—touched on truth while indicating there was a separate reason. Without bothering to inquire as to this, the raconteur fell back on hollow views espoused by trusted courtiers.

Conversation provides an opportunity to learn about another. One must find out if the other is interested in your ideas and having provided an opportunity to inquire, my counterpart demurred. If I wanted to know what congressional members stated on camera, I would have tuned in. This is all I came away with from the interaction—referred to as “newspeak” by the eminent author George Orwell; his so-called prophecies fulfilled!

Macro heating induced by weather manipulation since 1945. In 1962, vice-president Lyndon Baines Johnson stated to an audience at his alma-mater “if you control the weather, you control the world!” An audiovisual of his thirty-two minute address found on the Texas State University website included in the archives. Summer heat in July generated insect-borne diseases and brutal cold in September militated against the French invading forces of Russia in 1812. Once again, in 1942, the Russian winter froze the invading Nazis in their combat boots. The detrimental effects of seasonal modulation do not compare to the benefits as reckoned by mortal “peers of the realm.” Ferocious napalm certainly originated from the dubious plans to amend nature experimented on hapless souls in Vietnam during the 1960s.

Swaddled citizens bought and sold decades ago for trifling service. Survival today compares not to 19th century standards. Main-streamers behave as though they dreamt up prevailing food distribution, water supply networks, et cetera when they were merely born into it. Sacrifice liberty for facility; afraid to communicate via voicemail, e-mail, written letters with their so-called salient leaders expressing their concerns but voluntarily abandon their refuse in the lap of associates—unalloyed cowards who follow uncritically like dumb animals. A deliberate slither into a counterfeit dominion rife with animatronics; mind-numbing artifacts prompt the mass over and against sublime reality.

The All Merciful allows amazingly injudicious, spiritually dead, finite beings to destroy nature akin to His inscrutable purpose of permitting the same to slay the Author of Life, Jesus Christ. Redemption of a remnant and the entire world, finally, forever. Thank God for such a glorious salvation.

This is God’s world!

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