Collection of Collectivists

“Autonomous” is a hollow decree expressed in mass profusion. Self-sufficient involving what? Indeed, humans did not create the sun, moon, wind, and rain; plant and animal presence. Nor can mortals credit themselves with instituting determinate natural cycles which act in perfect harmony that sustain growth. Even those who trust not in God the Creator permit the preceding remarks. Independent of what? Merchant costs, charged allegiance to a proprietor, myriad impositions of a central governing rule, liabilities relating to others in society? In today’s design for living, a person would not realize provisions separate from food producers, water suppliers, home fabricators, clothing manufacturers (leave alone routine preservation) and execute their full/part-time profession at the same time. Independence means extensive irresponsibility. To promote one’s being as self-reliant is essentially corrupt; a warped mind steeped in a state of sin—delusional thinking at an extreme level. Consider the frequent artful use of the term. Interrogate the individual idol on this theme and they’ll show their teeth.

The depravity of sinful nature proves itself in array. Ruminate on the Lord of Glory, Jesus Christ willfully setting aside the authentications of His Deity, living on earth as God/Man, going all out, enduring shame and persecution, and succumbing to death (glorious resurrection) in order to save a race. There was no other way. It took all that, no less to sound redemption! It is for the sake of God’s Glory; let us always remember human beings are ancillary in God’s grand scheme.

On a sequential matter: skip segregation of church and state and let’s ponder the separation of state and family. Fancy municipal educators teaching children ethics, identity (whatever that means), sexuality, et cetera. What happened to the biological family? Gone with the proverbial wind. Parental authority encroached upon as the state pressed in to fill the void left by covetous parents in a mad dash for hard currency; the lure—pride! Now imagine a complete outsider touching on masturbation; going on at length with an adolescent? An open door policy towards pedophiles, sexual deviates—shocking!

All power and wisdom is of God! Praise the Father, praise the Son, praise the Holy Ghost for revelation of absolute Truth-one Judge, one Authority softening hearts and humbling souls which all are in desperate want.

What about the blurred lines between personal and professional? There is an adolescent tendency to play, listen to tunes at work. Such indulgence betrays casual living, an oversentimental viewpoint on life; each day is child’s play—how marvelous! With a universal plague, thirty-trillion national debt, one might forecast sober mindedness. Yet what do we find? A nation of individuals grasping at myriad forms of entertainment. The mixed multitude is extremely dull and in need of stimulation. I deliberated with my supervisor for carelessly saturating of the environment with radio all day long. First, he simply stated, “nobody has ever complained.” Unconsciously revealing an abysmal lack of consideration for others as given his crown and appreciating human behavior, it is unlikely a subordinate would search him. Also, he tried in vain to convince me our volunteers wouldn’t show for duty otherwise and we’d be stuck. Thus, he even slandered the unpaid assistants. Notice the supervisor’s uncanny intuition; his variety of music harmonizing perfectly with the predilections of all employees and volunteers at once.

Mounted conspicuously on a wall in the recess room, a placard devoted to showering praises upon representatives for accomplishing what they’re employed to do. The employee apologetically provides a self-portrait and the worried manager supplies passions as scrap paper with applauses jotted on them. Shades of grade school and I wonder about the psyche of university degree-holding adults instigating such an adolescent practice. Overseers conduct themselves as mother hens, attendants their offspring. Indeed, the employees who continue view themselves as chicks in need of warm sentiments.

Mere basics in life are not adequate. Most figures in the United States estimated they had it made paying for services instead of doing the work themselves. To the average man-pleaser, politics is a spectator sport; politicians take the field, distressed masses solely watch spellbound; too frightened to enter the game (I don’t blame them). If you want to know what people think, watch a newscast. Any subsequent conversation with an emblematic will reveal they know nothing except what appears like magic on tell-a-vision—a realm rich with parrots.

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