Of Human Relations

O, if people had God-given strength to come out of their self-styled defenses. People strive comparably for certainty as developing their own food, water, clothes, homes, et cetera. Tell-a-vision news broadcasts reign supreme in the reproductive minds of a regressive populace. Considered impartial the google-box entrances willing participants seeking revelation and inspiration keen to settle for affected days and synthetic years; A mass exodus from reality into a panoptic wilderness. This easy option regarding truth is no more wholesome than the blue water and genetically modified food one consumes, but it tastes good.

I would have greater conception of somebody who read “Low Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology” then concluded on the lab leak hypothesis as opposed to someone who favors the test center escape suggestion without troubling to search the public record, exploring any alternative—an alternate premise rates higher percentage wise. I appreciate conscientious objections; however, imprudence is increasingly the vogue operating throughout societies. The cavalier approach reeks of blind hope in civil authorities and ostensive specialists.

Perhaps Ronald Reagan put it right when explaining the proper approach to claims put forward by professed leading lights, “trust but then verify.” The argument is not whether the popular narrative is correct, but the lack of conscientiousness seen in the public realm when making certain determinations. Thus, we are dealing with faith; most individuals yield, yet this is not true for all. At this peculiar point in history, people will innocently believe anything that comes from the popular medium—crystal balls foreshadowing crystal screens. There is an inordinate expectation of consensus.

Someone recently pronounced, “there is a lot of disinformation out there.” I would choose the word lies. At any rate, not only is this a simple act of parroting (referred to by G. Orwell as newspeak) but there is a subliminal inference that this individual identifies as an authority regarding truth versus fiction. No doubt we may find hundreds of millions in the United States who perceive themselves in the same glowing light. Certainly, however, we will find varying depths of understanding concerning any matter. Who is right?

The amount of information readily available is of no consequence if capable of exercising due diligence, for the practice does not change in proportion to the sum of material at hand—nothing has changed. A person who laments over disinformation betrays a lack of appreciation; knowledge of viable methods used in making particular judgments. This person feels overwhelmed because of the influx of data via technological advancements and dread creeps in, giving rise to fearfulness; a longing for security prompts the individual to retreat into what they have placed confidence in all of their lives—humankind. In trying times, faith shines through.

Personally, I cleave to the Lord, Jesus Christ. Not because of anything I have done, but what He has done for me, like so many others. The Lord of Glory does not wish that anyone should perish.

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