From Afar

A far-sighted minority saw the model for employment started vigorously in the heart of the eighteenth century would progressively afford the leading interests to leverage, influence human nature under peculiar aims entrenched in occultism espoused by those few governing every aspect of existence. God’s way of preparing for oneself removed impetuously for having all materials produced on one’s behalf. Relative simplicity, luxury, deluded psyches into believing man could put the world right; the scheme in place requires a personage to take part in a quadrennial referendum; apart from that, it takes care of itself.

There is a dire penchant to presume that subversives could not penetrate the institution; we steadily look outside, downward from our lofty perch in judgment of the rest of the world’s nations, deeming ourselves to be conscientious enough to “police the world.” Also, such content signals our leaders are only concerned with our welfare, otherwise such enviable factors would not prevail. Short-sightedness and singular focus on the base elements—spiritual blindness. Ease and comfort come from loss of individual rule over matters. Who do you trust? I would prefer to trust the Lord rather than sinful humanity in the grip of Satan and company. Pride outdistanced humility.

God alone provides, and in His inscrutable wisdom, continuation meant laboring six days a week at least 12 hours each day to cultivate. Satan insinuates this is arbitrary and subsisting on earth promises pleasure. Therefore, relinquish authority to a central authority, allowing a comparative few to manage resources and give yourself to industrialists and thus life gradually strengthens into a mortal spectacle of trematodes, or freaks. One of the outstanding pieces of wisdom I’ve heard recently was by a researcher who stated, “the biggest promoters of communism are not communists.” Likewise, the biggest promoters of Luciferianism are not Luciferians. People assume causes without coming to a firm understanding of what the applied term of a cause actually measures. It looks like democracy on the surface, says it is democracy and it is enough. Underneath lies the truth which remains lost.

Have you noticed the phrase “disinformation” gaining currency? The prefix, d-i-s, means insult, disrespect, attack, trash, denigrate. Therefore, the expression used warrants absence of thought towards information which may go against any individual’s beliefs — immediate disdain or disapproval sanctioned. The “psychological shock troops” from Tavistock Institute advanced the term meant to oblige, reinforce thoughtlessness concerning distinct pivotal matters aimed at shaping societies across the globe to apocryphal ends. It vaults over objectivity, making a direct appeal to the feelings. However, the question is not how you feel about a topic, but whether it is true or false.

Psychological warfare knows no boundaries; it is an unseen lethal presence not unlike omnipresent radiation, a virus, or bacteria; certain diseases that enter a host quietly, imperceptibly and remain latent, but only for a time; finally wreaks havoc on bodies and minds, even to the point of death. Decades ago, if somebody wished another harm they would have to present, put themselves at risk, but not today. The enemy may purpose a vicious attack from far off merely by electronic means, a series of keystrokes; remaining undetected while compromising another’s ability to live life unmolested.

We owe it to current technology, of which societies altogether ride like on a stream; in a constant state of flux. Ask an individual how society has taken on a present form in terms of 90% of peoples on earth living in cities, working for money, and they invariably respond with “because of technology.” The subtle implication is we are not in control of these developments—circumstances control us. The reasoning is backwards. There is no concept of planning which must happen before implementation. Recognition of preparation remains lost on the minds of the preponderance, as noted in the response to the aforementioned query. There is a plan unfolding, and it is of the one living God.

There is absolute truth and one Judge whose ways are past finding out. It is Revelation, surpassing all human intelligence.

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