Social Asepsis

Politicians (I use the term broadly) and appointed health specialists wished communities to trust in partial face coverings as a protective measure against the novel plague. So, these notables presented on admired media channels stating porous screens weren’t effective. The genius is that as reported cases of illness increased; the same reappeared, stating those permeable covers do in fact provide a profitable measure of security. The result was anxious crowds (instructed by mainstream religious teachers) attributed the rise in maladies to inadequate protection and, in a fit of panic, dutifully sported pervious disguises and became rabid advocates. If the establishment held their initial policy as cases increased, populations would have determined gauzy camouflages made up a simple gesture; there would be no justification to mandate the use of diaphanous shields as we now see across the land. There are people faithfully wearing ghostly concealments while performing many labors, even driving alone with car windows completely up.

Following the direction of mainstream media gurus, the public settled blame squarely on Mr. Fauci for providing inaccurate guidance. In fact, this mindset betrays an inability to reason for oneself. A toddler may justifiably blame their parents for inattentiveness, yet there is no defense for an adult, particularly in this matter.

There are retail shops that afford those considered compliant with the privilege of parading around unmasked. This implies the trial serum equals one that has undergone years of clinical testing, proving reliable. Presently, the legal judges may not dictate taking the jab, however this will change as new strains dominate the headlines and authorities and citizens alike will charge those uncooperative with inviting a public health hazard. What do you do with noncompliant people in a perceived crisis? Considering the fanatical mental state of the majority and the fixed zeal of the experts to inject everybody with an experimental potion, the choice seems apparent.

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