Perpetual Sunshine

Home gadgets and fabricated agencies vow to deliver vital commodities, sparing individuals the indignity of engaging any dirty work. Cast your grimy concerns into the electoral machine, actuate a lever, and wander away, prompted not to return until the conclusion of the predetermined cycle; the artificial civic system resolves to sanitize your soiled trepidations. Periodically verifying progress by urging a control; gaze at tell-a-vison, the crystal screen; privy to periodic updates from professional text readers, sages performing their peculiar craft of exposing selected episodes. Clever hired hands regulate what’s important, resolve who to observe, and when so you may advance elemental personal objectives; obsess over your scant microcosm of the realm. The masses glory in these planned institutions for penetrating dingy clouds of consideration, respecting complex matters. Exercising blind loyalty, the sun promises to shine every waking hour each day.

The majority (bereft of revelation via the Holy Spirit) regard Scripture in the vein of “emptying the child with the bath.” Any intelligent person must conclude there is ample truth provided, particularly dealing with damnable behavior. However, intelligence is simply not enough; does not bring one close to God the Father and one’s need for a savior in none other than the Son, Jesus Christ. Take commandment number 10: thou shalt not covet. Avarice rises universally and continues unabated. Consider the abundant resources available for every being to exist peacefully and look at human race’s conduct over the centuries. Lacking is an essential quality to coexist in harmony as there are adequate resources provided by God for humanity to flourish involving essential corporeal matters and still it is not so.

The Scripture condemns and is like bitter coffee. How do individuals respond? By adding cream and sugar; questioning, even denying certain truths, so repentance is palatable. This shows that genuine contrition hasn’t occurred; preferring a light, watered down drink; relying on God-given conscience (which everybody experiences); focusing on individual acts rather than coming to terms with the actual truth that sin is a ubiquitous state of being. They glide through life on a chimeral cloud. The sun radiates perpetually; there is no darkness to dwell on. Therefore, no need of a savior, as they determine themselves worthy of dining at the Lord’s table.

Place yourself in the whopping shoes of a politician blatantly promoting oneself as a liberator of the masses; while standing behind a rostrum, gaze upon the adoring flock willing to trust in you—of all people! What comes to mind regarding the puerile flock longing for guidance? May we assume heartfelt pity and compassion? Would you, as a ruler, put faith in such a mob for sound, hardy decision making? The mixed throng carries a worldview that comes out of a sixth-grade workbook. Policy makers think big, quite unlike the average citizen. Therefore, certain realities remain lost on the crowd; towards anyone proposing something extraordinary is happening. Automatic rejection surfaces. Peculiar, how some suppose no alternative exists worthy of consideration; to be rational is irrational.

Ukraine: disavow allegiance to all governing agencies with “world/international” and “union” in their title and focus on American, national concerns. National Debt: cutbacks in spending, increases in taxes for the next 30 years; augment the printing capacity of the Federal Reserve times 17. Let’s be clear as neither will ensue. Our leaders have purposed an entirely different direction and it will remain fixed. So, where does it lead?

Noting the ongoing plague, it is a matter of numbing the population versus elimination. A purge is taking place; those intellectual enough to capture time, study, evaluate data expose themselves to the establishment in varying ways, particularly online. Classified, they are the first taken out of civil circulation. Remains is a class of society-the overwhelming majority- not keen on reflection; willing to follow along oblivious, seeing reality merely on the surface. They choose to distraction as opposed to purposing lengthy examination of claims of proponents and opponents belonging to any matter.

Those advocating humanity can put itself and the world right ought to be the busiest folks on earth owing to the myriad evils that abound as well as the inexhaustible capacity to indulge more. Individuals resemble vacationers on a ship sailing under the direction of the prevailing wind; prone to relax, concerned with ease rather than our ultimate destination. Leave it to the masters to set the sail.

Witness characters praise the term democracy yet completely ignore the practical words the originators stated as regards preservation. Societies proclaim a familiar, popular term, yet the definition escapes them; here lies the impending danger—most people who promote communism are not communists. Sleight of hand by the master of lies and his perfidious host; to Satan and his mob, manipulating 7 billion human beings is comparable to playing marbles!

It’s the soul and not the body, which is of infinite concern. Death is an ominous specter, but the knowledge of the soul before the judgment throne of Christ upon death is transcendent.

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