Refractory People

The plurality shuns God given conscience because it condemns. The plain truth is matters are impossible outside of God’s grace; beings prove incapable of ruling themselves autonomously. Hordes give way to so-called expert analysts who invariably feign hope via human institutions bent on constructing a universal scheme. Certain enterprises use your conscience against you by providing hope thru captured mainstream news organizations ordered by those bent on global union.

No such thing as a “shadow government.” It appears shadowy to those unable to see clearly. A burgeoning debt and outsourcing of manufacturing jobs should prompt any reasonable person to conclude that those in power sold the nation and public decades ago. How anybody determines their leaders are faithful and still think in nationalistic terms is phenomenal? Testament to the influence of captured mainstream media and an individual’s reluctance to face facts. Upon reading the Constitution, the Federalist-among other foundational documents-we do not see the United States or today’s American citizen. The nation’s leadership and citizenry are far removed from the vital principles established hundreds of years ago.

Ground troops engage in the warfare in Ukraine as polarized factions bearing either eastern or western ideologies. However, the planning is by the general staff, which supersedes Mr. Zelenskiy and Mr. Putin. The orchestration of affairs done covertly and overtly by masters who hold sway over the entire sphere. The recent, culminating crisis purposed to bring about a realignment of the world pertaining to particular nations. Let us dismiss the credulous notions, parochial views proffered by corporate channels that America is some knight in glowing armour running to the aid of a damsel in distress; Mr. Putin is a lone, mischievous sprite. East versus West (several unique entities are involved) and both sides of the conflict are in error, guilty of provoking up the masses to achieve their special aims regarding territory.

There will be wars; rumors of wars with evil men waxing worse and worse. So, there is nothing new here. The question of vital importance remains the same during peace and war; that is whether afflicted souls know the Lord, Jesus Christ! Should anybody ask why I trust in the Lord, I respond by saying there are over 300 million reasons (including myself) just in the United States, testifying to the validity of the Scriptural truth about humanity.

The citizenry of the U.S. perceives the Ukrainian war as paramount when in fact the situation in their own country—routine deficit spending in 47 of the last 51 years, including a current 21 year streak—should have taken precedence in their minds decades since. It is ever easier to concentrate on the problems of others rather than oneself; this is true for individuals and states as nations comprise individuals.

I take immense comfort. The Lord is conclusively in control. One can only marvel at the low estate of human beings-even at this stage of increase in science and education- banging their heads against the proverbial brick wall; blundering through life despite all the riches set forth by the Lord. The people refused the one living God’s law; set about to manufacture their own (republicanism, or democracy in the U.S.) and have verified that they cannot indeed abide by their own legislation.

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