In Dependence

People bandy the term ‘self-sufficient’ to describe themselves regarding personal endeavors to survive (fades to insignificance compared to earlier inhabitants). Reality shows populations are dependent, yet voluntary proclamations to the contrary persist. An individual simply picks up where manufacturers leave off. Who labored, cultivated, processed, packaged, and transported the coffee, for instance, from origin to destination? Who placed the espresso conveniently on the grocery shelf? Further, who owns the product, resources, equipment and enables, ensures production and delivery? Vulnerable mediocrities professing independence reminds of that axiom, ‘out of sight-out of mind.’ Let’s be clear, all these initial processes are vital for individual success in enjoying a savory cappuccino.

Of grand course, the one living God provides. Or did invincible, sagacious human beings deftly create miraculous universal splendor? Curiously, this monstrous impression abides in the feeble minds of collective humanity. Does this weedy mindset bode well for humanity’s vision of righteous existence? Realism quickly, impulsively abandoned bowing to pride’s overtures. Vanity invariably tramples over human capacities of intelligence and judgment; it is no contest.

That awe-inspiring creation exists should be enough to humble any reasonable person. This is where the Christian doctrine of original sin enters. The only adequate explanation for universal confoundedness. Sin is so pervasive that the Lord of Glory, the Author of Life, Jesus Christ, had to leave the courts of Glory, take on human nature and commit Himself to death to atone, save a remnant of humanity.

Prosperity cannot take place with finite creatures unable to accept fundamental truths regarding their own circumstances. Composer James Russell Lowell aptly stated, “Truth forever on the scaffold, wrong forever on the throne.”

Immediately after man’s rebellion in the garden of Eden, God demonstrated manifold mercies. Man was to use mules to profit. Yet owing to hollowness, he now serves as a mule exploited by others for reward.


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