Mindlessly Mindful

Challenging the narrative produced by mainstream media personalities as to the cause of the prevailing plague, individuals commonly reply with, “but people are dying.” Impulsively launch themselves over and beyond the tenor of the question concerning cause; showing they have no choice but to believe; no interrogating the validity of proclamations made by trusted officials. To grant the slightest possibility of illusion instantly poses challenges disturbing their faith; induces a frightful realization that if it were true, there is absolutely nothing a person is indeed prone to work to counter; after-all, such faith enters through dependence.

Survival simply means serving managing entities that provide sustenance. Ease comes in as any person today merely shops to get provisions, while the actual activity of supplying rests on remote profit-oriented enterprises. Take the protesters in Ottawa, Canada. Commanding authorities seized banking assets, thus resources for survival quickly vanished. Sure, you may be able-bodied; there is ample food, water on the planet, but without access to what passes for money these days, such necessities approximate a mirage.

Unemployment is synthetic as God’s providence through nature abounds, and the only requirement is manual exercise. Today, however, grasping, dominating interests deny able individuals access because they don’t conform to intrusive arrangements. Imagine taking control of vital resources, placing vitiate demands on others; leaving them destitute because they don’t show obligatory drama at the shady prospect of uniting with singular profit-oriented schemes. Truly a disgusting rubric. This is the measure and multitudes display boundless enthusiasm towards any summons to fall over backwards; the pitiable spectacle, in fact promoted as an exceptional honor.

Vain societies ambitious to trade essential liberty for wanton convenience; universal subjugation instead of individual sovereignty. Originally, one worked, now one works and pays. This supplement figures into why people routinely complain despite wallowing in simplicity. Profit-oriented agencies instinctively place monetary profit at the center, displacing basic needs which endure on the sidelines. Yet another retrograde achievement.

Simply examine how shadowy creatures behave towards the abundance of miracles inherited. Severely limited humans rush to the center, acting as intermediaries between what God graciously provides for all. Human endeavor revolves around a wholesale renovation of an awe-inspiring earth. Multitudes continue to fawn over bloated political candidates who—with tanned appearances and flattering rhetoric — inevitably purpose and produce further declension.

Denying God equals agreeing with Satan. Hence, the daft redecorations to marginalize all of creation. Once more, the hordes misinterpret aims; crassly proclaiming factors are improving! Simplicity equals superiority in the minds of throngs neglecting the proportionate loss of control intrinsic to the equation. In addition, what aids well-intentioned groups facilitates factions occupying cruel designs.

Humanity refuses to bow the knee to benevolent God, yet willfully execute lurid jigs every day to please malevolent Satan. Finally, a cold, hard gravestone—verging on the natural human heart—displays the tragic words, “I did it my way.” Congratulations!

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