The description of the mixed multitude found in the Scripture written thousands of years ago remains precisely the same despite human invention; advances in automation and science. Nothing humanity achieves causes the slightest variation to the central quality of beings. In a wilderness; unsatisfied with the manna God has graciously provided. Trusting in earthly kings verging on other nations. Turning towards theatrical presentations by which a slew of conjurers promise authentic portrayals of Gospel Truth and finite fellows for command, supervision, and interpretation.

Those indulging the prestidigitators of an admired tell-a-vison series have entered an outrageous pact. I suggest professing Christians have realized increased dispute, opposition. They have become demoralized as their individual and group activities—centered on politics and morality—have not born fruit. As a result, in this weakened state, they develop into fruit ripe for picking. Treacherous Satan and his perfidious host produce a polished, contracted gospel with state-of-the-art cinema magic, and all appear glorious on the surface. Appeased, confessing Christians readily dismiss any well-founded criticisms of the offending article. Having become worn down by preceding skirmishes, they are ready to exchange a watered-down canon for mainstream acceptance. All they observe are the familiar saintly biblical names; willfully ignoring the scoured message. The popular series endures as a mechanical gadget, which reduces our labor like any appliance—for a price.

We exercise the same dismal principle regarding politics. It is easier to empty our cares and considerations for the earth in the political machine and indict it for any ensuing injustices. Such schemes reek of irrationality and carnality. However, God knows, and we all shall give an account before the Judgment Throne of Jesus Christ—God Almighty.

Traveling on: challenge anybody how it is 90% of the world population lives in urban sectors. Invariably, the answer is because of mechanical improvements. What the respondent betrays is they think people have no restraint over our inventions; human beings easily carried along like leaves in the proverbial wind. They place the finished product before the concept when it is the other way around. Enterprise and technology have particularly served us to this point, conceived centuries ago. The respondent speaks right, however. God knows. We all will give an account at the Judgment Throne of Jesus Christ—God Almighty.

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