Think again, and again…

Unethical human experimentation conducted by such authoritative agencies as the Center for Disease Control, Central Intelligence Agency, United States Military not only well documented, but admitted to publicly by the U.S. Government. Hence, we establish precedence. A search of the American Patent Office archives reveals a plethora of patents issued directly related to manipulating, controlling conscience human behavior in a myriad of ways with radio frequency, electromagnetic waves dating back to the 1950s, and thus we ascertain particular capabilities. So-called non-lethal, or direct energy weapons, constitute new technological advancements which rival the contrast between conventional warfare and nuclear warfare. This weaponry has changed the landscape, resulting in amplification of the tactic “low-intensity conflict.”

To suggest that the USA barred human experimentation in this field owing to ethics is absurd. Factoring in other developed nation-states harnessed the same technology and purpose expansion. Simply put, the military applications of such weaponries are phenomenal. Akin to somebody from afar accessing and debiting someone else’s bank account, certain bodies possess the capacities of comprising any individual’s conscience remotely.

Within the public realm, discussions concerning specific truths about the notorious MK Ultra project take place in open forums by certified agents of the governmental establishments involved. However, when listening to these representatives or reading unclassified documents, it is clear to someone even with a modicum of knowledge that other definite truths present not. There is acknowledgment of using of LSD, for example, to elicit precise behaviors, yet two most prominent means never arise. These avenues are inducement of physical trauma, prompting the mind to go into shock. This creates what amounts to an open space, a blank CD if you will which a programmer writes information, instructions, data of their choosing. Later, electric shock worked much quicker. At any rate, those in practice purposed disclosure of research, to quell any speculation by the public, and it worked. In fact, exercises went on with society placated or lulled into a false sense of security. The establishment deliberately, furtively disclosed certain information to mainstream media in measure. Revelation did not come by gallant, attentive, upright reporters.

Now what about prevalent practice? Remember, in the Gulf War of 1991 to “free Kuwait” when battle hardened Iraqi troops less than three years removed from vigorous conflict with Iran surrendered by the thousands to American forces without firing a shot? Given the facts concerning direct energy weapons, is it reasonable to at least consider that we employed them and purposed a desirable result for our forces?

In the 1960s, subjects with electrodes attached to their skulls using wires and placed in a passive state by direction and also in an aggressive state by design. Years later, experiments produced the same result shorn of coils by surgically implanting electrodes into the brain. Finally, advancements produced the same results minus implants by pulsing predetermined radio frequencies in the targeted areas. Fast forward to 2022 when disorder erupted in a Golden Corral restaurant in Pennsylvania. To the casual onlooker, it seems like a random, disgraceful display of human conduct. We must add to our consideration the legitimate prospect of mind manipulation.

Henceforth, any outbreaks of disruptive behavior are suspect. We do not automatically assume that such weaponry prevails, but it must factor into our reasoning to an extent prior to making a decisive judgment. A fresh challenge to our view making reality exceptionally difficult to understand. Accept the challenge without charging in like a maniac and attributing all such events to direct energy manipulation. Further, we cannot immediately conclude, approximate dumb animals, that such technologies are not in service. The hazard is solid.

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