Think Again

God ordained man would work the cursed ground and live by the sweat of his brow. Scripture does not remotely suggest a life of ease. Yet, corkscrew imaginations set about to renovate the landscape to the extreme; translating natural human effort into slaving for money and inventions to make survival less strenuous. On the surface, the purposes seem plausible. Further reasoning exposes the ultimate aim of relates to control over a multitude having made them dependents.

Presently, entertainment reigns with over two trillion in revenue in the year 2021. This evinces the mindset of the average citizen regarding priorities; presenting a parochial view of life. Conversely, political representatives labor constantly as regards legislation and expenditure. Those within the mainstream either underperform or overreact respecting civic matters and the separation creates a dry land which politicians of all sorts openly walk through uncontested. Divide and conquer, the timeworn scheme employed even today with the same effectiveness. If those on this side produced more and those on that side performed less, they would find themselves face to face with their political leaders, thus a chance to engage with logic. When there is a grievance with another, the first step is intelligent communication. To automatically take an extreme position of either laxity or embark immediately in protest shows a lack of wisdom and prudence.

Take an analogy: the corporate tax rate in the United States is 35% and this number contested by corporations as excessive. On the surface, one might concede, however, exploiting loopholes in the levy code and tax breaks the effective rate {that which corporations actually pay} amounts to half. Therefore, the assertion is in fact a fallacy. Should people rely in an unqualified sense on mainstream media, the argument stands, upon independent examination, there is no sound basis for argumentation. Hence, the importance of doing one’s own homework. This same principle requires application by individuals concerning all matters of relevance, such as the prevailing affliction, and non-ionizing radiation, in particular.

A vaccine by definition stimulates the process of immunization. Having not undergone the traditional method of trials the serum offered today, promises to mitigate symptoms should an individual become ill while hoping that immunization may ensure. This is like taking cough syrup before developing a cough, hoping that if contracted, won’t be severe. Sadly, most individuals use the term vaccine simply because they hear trusted authorities within popular media casually apply the term. There is no independent reflection or even investigation and thus truth remains lost.

At this stage of universalism, the public is at an acute loss, having lapsed into and remained in a state of complacency over decades. Dependence is such that governments can compromise your employment if you don’t comply with their mandate to undergo ambiguous medical treatments. This will not be the last; an additional plague looms as financial. The next crisis will be internet fraud striking many in the wallet. The cure promised: a microchip implant {another medical procedure} with widespread dissent as well. This modern calamity is simply a precursor, pointing forward.

The Canadian Rally is a forlorn fight for independence lost and not a matter of mere insouciance relating to the government mandates concerning the plague.

Societies assumed God’s providence through nature was harsh, too demanding, yet placing man in direct regulation over providence is ushering in severity, which, to most, seemed inconceivable. It is just beginning.

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