Marred Nature

God given conscience tells everyone there is gross deception pertaining to the prevailing plague. Credulous to conclude particulate matter dumped on the masses worldwide over the last twenty-five years under the guise of weather modification will not have a significant impact on a person’s health. Four decades permeating our atmosphere with radiation, which all people bathe in, doesn’t have the slightest effect on the physiological makeup of all creatures, is another blatant lie.

As people endure reluctant to admit certain profound truths owing to indwelling sin, what can anybody expect other than the willful acceptance of popular narratives fittingly provided for them by that comparative few {also deceived} wielding immense influence? Consider what passes for entertainment on the ‘murder channel’ depicting gruesome brutality perpetrated by human beings of their own kind. The reality reveals satisfaction of a morbid curiosity. However, persons who indulge invariably refuse to admit this simple fact. Rather, if asked, a diffusion of shallow excuses emits from their profane lips; willfully, carefully avoid stating the actual certainty to avoid condemnation.

In this evil world, certain entities investigate aberrant behavior with the purpose of resolve owing to necessity. Those who simply linger on the sidelines and watch, like spectators, are insincere and remind of a mere voyeur, a nosy parker. Societies do not require citizens who are awestruck at such occurrences, standing idly by in sheer amazement.

Characteristic of all individuals, even those who experienced rebirth struggle with their ‘inward man’ while on this cursed planet. Blame not intrusive camera lenses but decision making, judgment of those who decide to train their focus on these things. Humanity has not changed since ‘the fall,’ forms of enticement matter not.

The natural man cries out for proof that God exists, while evidence abounds in creation itself. The same pitiful cry sounds regarding non-ionized radiation and nanoparticles that fill the air in profusion. Hence, it is not proof that humanity longs for but the rebirth enabling acceptance of the truth, which faithfully abides for all to realize. One must submit to God’s terms, which means foregoing all distinct pride. Sinful creatures simply refuse, as pride will remain foremost unless God graciously intervenes.

Martial operations in Iraq and Afghanistan were in fact purposed objectives aimed at incensing besides dispersing Islamists and not filtering them. After twenty years and trillions of dollars spent on militarism in that region, the action concluded by handing over enormous amounts of state-of-the-art military hardware to the so-called sworn enemy. Either the governmental leaders are irretrievably stupid, or they are relying heavily once again on the malleable minds of the public.

Characters would do well to focus on our commonalities than our differences. And in the political realm, the standpoint of most parties is republican or democrat. Rather, position is we are all U.S. citizens. Conversely, within the realm of politics, this is not the case. Republicans and Democrats alike agree on deficit spending, increased social programs, preserving the state of the wealthy and so forth. There is no mistaking these facts as they persist, regardless of which political party holds the presidency or majority within congress.

Take a world view: Abu Dhabi Investment Authority gained a 7.5 billion stake in Morgan Stanley while the China Investment Corporation contributed five billion dollars to the number 2 U.S. asset bank, as reported in the NY Times in January 2008. In 2010, Russia, with the imprimatur of the U.S. bought Uranium One, a mining company that potentially holds 20% of uranium mining rights in the United States.

Developed countries {most influential} comprise a family in which disputes arise, yet the overall objectivity remains fixed in the minds of leadership while working towards perceived glory, perfection of a universal scheme. Undeveloped individuals, the overwhelming majority, outside of the grace of Jesus Christ, remain immovable, resting in deep delusion; fatal optimism, willfully denying truth while placing faith in their mis-leadership.

Antiquity reveals the plurality within the mainstream of societies readily declare they are at the forefront as regards knowledge and information, yet invariably these same people are the last to come to a conscience realization of the facts and by then it is too late. Forms of acquiring intelligence change, however, principles of human behavior remain constant. Unpretentiously following the prevailing wind, or current, supersedes every desire to strain for comprehension.

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