Covert Span

Virtual money is an invisible bridge linking all populations; there is no geographic protection afforded. Compromise could come arbitrarily and from small, united groups that control currency. Sovereignty has disappeared along with the allegiance of any developed nation’s political leading lights. Anybody maintaining a sense of nationalism is at least fifty years behind the times. Fallacious nationalistic rhetoric lives on the tongues of the peers of the realm as a measure to hold the masses in darkness, and those within the mass oblige.

There is a bizarre confidence among populaces that national government and globalism may coexist forever. The public is reluctant to admit, even consider, the prospect that the establishment has made the ultimate determination despite the glaring indications. Currently, all publics are in a state of transition where supremacy and internationalism concur. This results from extensive, careful planning and application of a universally integrated society. We observe contextually this prospect in the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913; the League of Nations in 1920, which converted into the United Nations in 1945. Also, in 1945, the International Monetary Fund; in 1948, the World Health Organization. Here in these comprehensive agencies, particularly, we have the purposed universal ideal explicitly challenging the concept of sovereignty and increasingly overshadowing the entire landscape.

Eradicated: the ability to live as sovereign, such is the case with any union as regards authority. It started with individuals and has progressed towards distinct unions. Classically, if a malevolent ruler imposed on the rest of the race, other societies came together in opposition, as expected. In a world scheme, should a despot attain supreme authority, no substantial force exists. To put it plainly, as the national leadership goes, so goes the nation. Plain logic dictates that as the world leadership goes, so goes the race.

A historian said, the system will be like Nazi Germany, only much more high-tech; ten times as lethal. Let’s face the facts: any person, or body of people desirous of monitoring, and systematically recording personal data with cameras, microphones, operates beyond the palisades of sound reason and simple logic; and I would start here above the inflated rhetoric of peace and safety. Clinicians characterize this trait as neurosis. Decades ago, this was the case regarding controlling vital resources, and we have developed into a state favoring remote entities that promise ease that dictate to the throngs. However, once the destroyer and his perfidious host take the throne of office in a consensual world scheme, individuals will long for days without drones, mobile phones, microphones {Siri, Alexa} and surveillance cameras; submitting to overt psychological oppression amounts to nothing more than a means of avoiding the physical cruelty meted on those deemed unfit for a saturnine society.

Is it not true that the average U.S. citizen willingly dumps all responsibility and control into the laps of their political leading lights? In fact, it is the citizen who is the boss. Notice those wielding real prestige do not complain, at least in the open, about the unwillingness of the citizenry to engage politics; a tacit admission by the public of ineptitude in such matters. Hence, blind faith exercised by aberrant nominal human beings in iniquitous, eminent human beings working to increase leverage over the masses.

The founding of America as we know it reminds of Scripture. Here, certain men posing as judge placed the Constitution before the masses and said, if you keep this, you’ll live, and the people errantly replied, we can. It turns out we can’t, of course. The Truth endures forever.

There is this myth that a person’s capacity to see the whole is one-hundred percent. Not so. Regarding fact, one would do well to consider it in terms of pain. All attempt to avoid realism, naturally. However, when the Lord, Jesus Christ, reveals Himself, an individual does not automatically embrace Him and continue in joy. Quite the contrary, as to see oneself in the light of God brings unfathomable humiliation. Nobody desires and seeks after shame and dishonor {revelation is the essential beauty of God’s grace upon humanity}. The joy comes in afterwards once our Lord makes known His plan of salvation. Hence, we may apply this principle to any truth and, in doing so, we learn that truth and pain are analogous. And with pain, tolerance varies from person to person; some truths are more hurtful than others. Ultimate Truth is rigorously severe, accepted and held through God’s wisdom and strength.

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