Faith: universal; a fundamental shared component, as evidenced in antiquity. Law derives from conviction and societies form a governing minority and a controlled mass. Elemental attributes separate groups into these smaller and greater classes. Communication urges trust, guidance, and division, forming all civilizations and their ensuing industries, approximating pyramids with a comprehensive base that tapers into a comparative bantam apex.

At the summit, mortals project myriad forms of government, including authoritarian, constitutional, democracy, emirate, Federal, monarchy, Oligarchy, Presidential, Republic, Socialism, and Totalitarian. Theocratic and Ecclesiastical governments honor a divinity, yet this claim is inclusive as a host of leaders across the spectrum confess the same. Social orders compose professors of a divine spirit. Notwithstanding, human beings reign atop a somatic pinnacle. This potential arises whilst asserted {around a striking sense} in Romans chapter 13 of the Christian bible. There, God commands general submission to mortal powers.

Take another analogy: nations correspond to a vessel; if two occupants scull right while eight row left; owing to strength in numbers, the boat sails in the direction purposed by the preponderance.

All occupants subject to the path of an established diplomatic party, vowing clever navigation of squally seas; bound for amicable shores that await throngs who crave fulfillment. What lies ahead remains an unalloyed abstract of uncomplicated minds keen to fathom a distant wonderland. The immediate shore perceived as discordant to their aspirations of eonian bliss.

Expected apprises from isolated, further trusted civil assemblies occur through time-honored mediums. Spectators flock to these technologies, anticipating revelation; a profusion of Picayune diversions keeps onlookers spellbound throughout the protracted voyage.

Those in electoral power do not compose humble hearts. Authority compels the comparative few to aim for political triumph. Any tender sentiment that sets public service at the center heralds fraud. This elegant imagination shines amid the populace; serves as a noticeable reflection.

Falsity, therefore, formed as an abiding policy among the proletarian. What of the leadership? To clarify, one needs only pulse to the common who affect the same posture of those they esteem. This would place the cast haven in serious question. Further inspection exposes ample evidence antithetical to the popular narrative; a relaxed movement towards a venerated ambition put in motion long ago by self-proclaimed instructed figures. These educated dignitaries proclaim to know what is best for humanity and see it as their extraordinary task to lead all to a forged terminus, applying perennial occult practices versus explicit overtures, respecting the matter.

All luminaries in the peculiar domain of occultism {pilots of the ferry} acknowledge Truth, only their souls endure dead against it. They further recognize most do as well, weakly. Information media explains while the masses accept; rest in malicious denial; meanwhile, the supreme, wily plan expands. The ‘peers of the realm’ work to augment the hoi polloi’s opposition to realism in stages. The hasty, simian approach {applied by Hitler, Stalin among others} but crude types pointing forward to the progressive, cerebral anti-type.

The settled aspiration to arrest the last vestiges of free-will in a person which acts in resistance to the organization waits in deceived minds bent on a unique style of sable authority. Current play-actors amid the public become real performers in chilling displays of overt vice. In a leisurely, insidious fashion, amorality replaces immorality, resulting in a ghoulish waltz between mediocrities and their entrusted leading lights.

People choose the privilege of paying others to produce their necessities. They refuse to embrace the reality that, as a result, they are no longer self-sufficient, nor in control as vital resources endure obstructed. It is a co-dependent relationship in which everyone pays, and businesses and governmental agencies provide for financial profit. Every aspect of life sustains a fiscal price down to using a toilet; there would be a redress on air one if it were workable. Denial comes in as recognition of the truth looking upon circumstances would wreak havoc on distinct pride. At any rate, we have a notable, purposed instance of mental imbalance resolved by the same individuals that the electorate turns out and votes in favor of, which is yet an exuberance of the aforementioned state of mind.

Relying on humans rather than the pure environment through which the one living God provides augurs perennial despair, and such is the case. The Scripture implies man stood up, claiming that he could put himself and the world right and God said, go to it. With human beings granted liberty for over five thousand years, mechanical attainments, academic progresses, why all the discord? Does it not point back to Scripture which asserts humanity is a failure? All improvements, so-called, contain at least an equal amount of corruption, and this is just a plain fact of history.

We cannot escape, will not depart from our true selves. The world needs a savior.

1 Thessalonians 1:10

And to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, even Jesus, which delivered us from the wrath to come.

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