Cosmic Battle

Life is a perennial struggle: six days a week and at least twelve hours per day. Industrial inventions have not changed the evidence that existence demands such degrees of attention. We threw overboard working for sustenance in favor of slaving for money, particularly since the mid-19th century. This epic shift allows for those who command finances and vital resources the expedient of arbitrarily shelving a person’s ability to afford provisions according to profit-oriented patterns.

God, who provides through nature, attracts no such trivial burdens:

Matthew 5:45

That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

Impositions as businesses and centralized governmental authorities act as “middlemen” and stand between civilization and God’s providence. To the trivial eye, acquired ease translates into better living; the immutable principle stated above holds no relevance and faith in human beings hardens. Humanity perceived as finally conquering environment, moving on towards resplendency.

Individuals warp, however, under the weight of any threat to their circumstances; the extent to which varies from person to person owing to innate tolerances. The majority hold a weak tolerance compared to a subgroup that remains relatively unaffected. Therefore, it is unfair to categorize others who do not cherish luxury as simply lazy. In societies, a section does not possess the same overall reflexivity as the preponderance. The minority viewpoint is that the people should govern themselves rather than submitting entirely to corporeal institutions. Hence, despite the recent transformation into comfort, reality stands in an element; the six days, twelve hour maxim remains fixed.

Positively, surplus time owing to conveniences ought to work towards coolly communicating with the legislature as regards proposed statutes and enactments. Still, most people slave only to relax into the comforts afforded, placing what amounts simply as blind faith in the establishment, only to discover corruption when it is too late. Then, the picket signs come out and rude protests ensue.

Clinging to extremes, the public does not understand that there is indeed a middle ground to stay firmly upon; this rash, unenlightened attitude deftly exploited by the leadership to their unique advantage. Primarily, intellect serves best in the current setup, and this is the failing of the citizenry. Who is righteous for yielding entirely to earthly enterprises? Those who do are ineffectual; allow for increased victimization thru events manipulated by those they unwisely trust. As opposed to banding together in the face of great psychological pressure, individuals retreat inside their tiny microcosm of the world with those outside left to wolves.

I recently viewed a documentary involving pensions. A particular adult who had invested volunteered that she became acquainted with reports of vice concerning the matter. However, she expressed that her personal activity of marriage and family took precedent and, as a result, she placed confidence in the promises put forward by politicians and business directors entrusted with handling her savings. Years went by only to find that the pension that she looked to vanished, incurring to misdeeds within the varied circle of capital managers she had trusted. The stories she heard were true.

Where did this sincere lady go wrong? She placed exorbitant conviction on types and her individual identity above state involvements. I would not hazard that investing posed a problem. It is a lack of due diligence treating the matter. There is no excuse for such loyalty. Evidence of this is constant throughout history. Name an endeavor that man has not corrupted extensively. Politics, medicine, law, and religion. Five dollars for a piece of plain aspirin and the wealthy excused for misadventures that would upend the lives of anybody within the masses. And yet, the public sits idly by, pointing the accusatory finger, not lifting a finger to exact measures that would stem the ceaseless flow of corruption.

I do not expect, of course, eradication of exploitation. I maintain that there would be less should the crowd purpose their personal lifestyles in meeting the authority at the bargaining table rather than voting for a representative and resting nonchalantly by trusting solely to mainstream news to alert them to any happenings in the political realm. The mass perceives typical news as an absolute when it is only relative. The bulk of what any person needs to know comes via self-reliance. An independent investigation would have revealed fraud in advance, such rational information clearly not proffered by mainstream outlets.

It takes the greater part of like-minded entities to either undertake the struggle and grow, as well as to disengage and fail. Once again, masses comprise a vast bulk of followers and a minority of leaders. This immutable regulation guarantees the establishment prospers in its endeavors and there is no genuine concern on their part respecting push back in any substantial, intelligent form from the mob.

Each individual must recognize and accept which party they belong and to what degree. Hence, the prevailing agenda weighs against the throng; designed for civil failure. Anybody who holds the premise that prosperity comes in on a system based on money, governed by sinful creatures, suffers from a deep delusion. Nature does not compromise itself, yet humanity’s principal endeavor centers on compromising nature.

God will prevail, naturally. Humanities sweeping renovation of the physical landscape reeks of self-indulgence. Initially, everything civilization required to thrive on the basic level existed in abundance. We possess innate abilities to engage our natural surroundings and settle matters about nutrition, clothing, and shelter. What need is there of railroads, telegraphs, motor-vehicles, cellular phones, computers, credit cards, capital, the internet et cetera? Not to mention the myriad of mortal agencies that tend to these excesses. Why irradiate earth with simulated radiation that we all bathe in? What means the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program {HAARP} which purposes on the surface to control weather? What of the Ground Wave Emergency Network {GWEN} towers that populate the landscape? All completely irrational in terms of actuality.

The Holy Father prevails, naturally, and allows humanity, which persists outside of truth inside time, to hang itself. The mid-19th century marks the incipient stages of a signal transformation. Most parties believe life means ease and comfort when, in fact, it is a perennial strain as our transcendent, personal God duly warns us.

2 Thessalonians 2:11

And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

Ephesians 6:12

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

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