The Minor Road

People are finding it more difficult to accept the grim reality of life. For those outside of the grace of God, reality is an increasingly bitter perception. To be in hell is to have one’s conscience seared with a hot iron, yet the torments of hell have their origins here on earth and people are progressively falling under the influence of this phenomenon.

The delusion of man putting himself and the world right remains, yet one would have to be void of conscience not to fathom the state of affairs. As the swindler deliberately removes the paint and powder from his face, an eerie malevolence gradually emerges as copious, peculiar government legislation and various, strange political appointments united with the performance industry’s hardline promotion of a spate of irrational, coarse, shared behaviors.

The corpulent, inane, contented public failed to ascribe a belief in god to themselves. “Professing themselves to be wise they became fools” as the Scripture saith. Their god, Satan, appeared to them cloaked behind a dollar heralding prosperity. The true purpose being corruption and finally their death which lying Satan and his deceitful rout delight in. The comfort and ease afforded over decades served only to build them up for the inexorable murder. The dupes of treacherous Satan and his perfidious horde took the bait hook, line, and sinker, naturally. Everybody outside the mercy of God are like leaves in the wind, “subject to every wind of doctrine” as the Scripture saith.

Only the God of Glory, Jesus Christ, can master such a powerful array of unearthly forces of bent on full destruction. Finite, feeble-minded creatures such as we cannot ascend to the Truth revealed in Scripture and simply take hold of a Holy God. It is His condescension towards those who accept their lowly status and earnestly cry out to Him alone for mercy, pity, and compassion that receive the gift of life eternal. Peace, joy, safety, riches untold forever in the bosom of the righteous God of the entire cosmos.

Please, get on with it!

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