Agree, Disagree, or Both?

One would do well centering on what politicians agree on as an alternative to the incessant maundering over what they appear to disagree on. A shift in this direction would lend a broader understanding of political events. The prevailing lopsided affair of focusing on one side only is to see the trees but miss the forest; equally, to concentrate on details and miss the general overall picture.

Tell-a-vision helps to narrow one’s lens. Should news coverage decidedly favor discord among the rank of public officials, the disorderly minds of viewers will follow. T.V. programming bids the sense that live cameras and microphones accompany public officials from the time of their uprising to the time they fall on sleep. People who delight in t.v. {like moths to artificial lights} show a tendency to assume this irregular outlook. T.V. {the eighth wonder of the world} also summons the impression that it’s correspondent to a magnet. Knowledge and truth: the ferromagnetic material pulled by the magnet’s irresistible force from across the globe. As well, people have a propensity to affect this wry perspective. Akin to the ancient practice of ‘scrying,’ one gazes into the crystal screen of a t.v. expecting to divine pointed messages or visions for personal advice, disclosure, or muse.

Thinking outside the rectangular box, away from the bombardment of visuals and voices, one should engage in a requisite solace, apart from relentless sensory stimulation, to invite judging, reasoning, and deliberation. “Stop and think.” Strike the key balance and one’s worldview clears up.

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