One Dimensional

These wonderful inventions promise to enhance your lifestyle from here to eternity.

Planned Communities:

Built according to plan to accommodate beasts of burden {obedient workers if you prefer}. Ah yes, domesticated life, like living on a farm… only in an urban framework.

Public Water Systems:

Vital for all forms of life; we’ll accept responsibility and regulate it, so you don’t have to.

Food Distribution Strategy:

Dominated by corporations and industry. You can depend on us to grant your food needs and avoid any total collapses of the delivery system.

Education Policy:

Multi-tiered to accommodate vassals {citizens, if you prefer} of all ages. Indoctrination begins at the improved age of five. By the advanced age of twelve, curriculum transcends obligatory uneven science, and altered history incorporating sex, gender ideology and stereotypes, Critical Race Theory (figure out the subjunctive on your own}.


Noteworthy information about major developments delivered to you by our heavenly host of writers and editors. Spoon fed {like an infant in a highchair} all there is to realize when you need to realize it. {We’ll decide what’s salient, so you don’t have to}.

Crystal screens:

Unlike those cumbersome crystal balls of old, these mediums come in all sizes, indeed fit in your pocket so you can take them everywhere. Make a wholesome break from realism and relegate truth to the sidelines. Simply gaze into the crystal and you’re carried into a realm of illusions and inventing with ceaseless displays of visual icons and aural sounds.

All this can be yours in exchange for modest economic sums. The scheduling by a unified bureaucratic authority for an unpretentious pecuniary allowance.

We have expected that you may have various queries about all this. Let’s indulge in some Q &A:

Question: What about my pride? After all, catering to one’s demands, even whims in such an encyclopedic fashion, militates against self-reliance.

Answer: Polite Fiction. Call yourself independent and self-reliant and we’ll play along. As long as you pay off what you incur; when it’s expected, you can call yourself anything you like.

Question: What about essential liberty? Having no jurisdiction over critical resources, I am perfectly at the disposal of those who are in command.

Answer: You don’t believe the biblical account that asserts man’s heart is deceitfully wicked, do you? Come along, this is the twenty-first century, the gilded age of technology. At any rate, you are free! Free to trade yourself for pay and consume artifacts by the boatload; you and your strains.

What’s on the horizon:

  • Autonomous motor vehicles to drive down human input.
  • Home health aides as androids for cooking, cleaning, bathing, toileting, and dressing to facilitate reduced alertness.
  • Intravenous fluid and nutrition to feed reduced mental status.
  • Conveyor belts instead of walkways to advance reduced mobility.

The vigor of all things outside of one’s business or profession confiscated. What’s unexpended is a trace of the mysterious things of life. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop–so it is.

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