General Perceptions

What do political leaders think of the public? Overused phrases filter down via admired media sources, “the public is hardworking”, “they deserve more”, “they’re patriotic”, and so forth. Never any condemnation, or reproof regarding the appalling apathy, perpetual whining, warped sense of entitlement for doing next to nothing, lack of feedback, lack of knowledge regarding legislation, lack of time directed towards reviewing proposals as opposed to the immoderate time devoted to tell-a-vision or online gaming. What do they think of the masses, really?

Suppose you entered politics to have influence, a better way of life for your compatriots. With unbridled zeal you embark on a campaign of self-promotion – you! A champion of the people. You solicit the employ of hundreds who strive on your behalf to put their best efforts into effect, furthering your grand endeavor. Garnering popular support, verbal and financial, over time you reach the mark of favorite within your official party. Squaring off in contentious, public debates with the opposition party, at last you capture the all-important crown of public servant and enter office, with a fixity of purpose to enable needed reform. In office, you use your unapproachable skill and stony resolve to produce viable legislation which will act to enhance the quality of life of your constituents. However, your peers have not lined up to support your vision, and so you enter deliberations, discussions, rounds of talks which take hours, days, yet finally you muster the support of your colleagues, put forward your plan and a majority enacts your scheme. Success! You’re gladdened knowing that you have indeed helped so many who long for substantial relief.

Alas, the time, work, energy paid off. However, during the operation, there was a scant communication from your constituents. Days, weeks, months pass with a trickle of feedback from those you serve and work so hard for. Surely, they are out there. Why so little support? Easier than ever to review proposed legislation and to reach out via phone, e-mail, or even an erstwhile missive during or after the ordeal. No involvement whatever from those who should heed most. A disappointing end to an exciting series of events.

Should this lack of communication persist and become vogue over time, representatives will reason that if the public doesn’t care, why should they? Invariably, the next question in this morbid episode is: what’s in it for me? Hence, we have both parties captivated by their discrete interests and prosperity rather than the country undivided.

When a child returns home from school with homework, the program is homework first, amusements second. When an adult returns home from work, the program is the same, only the adult’s homework is governance. This entails reviewing legislative proposals, deciding, and then communicating their decision to their representatives. Retirees may endure this task as they have more time to engage in this important matter during the day. The retired elder informs the working adult with a summary or even an outline of certain pieces of legislation of import. This principle does not exist in the minds of the public anymore, however; like an undisciplined child, we go straight on to our amusements. No adults to prevail upon us, put us to shame for our carelessness—we are now the adults.

This is just a repeat of history, as anyone who takes the time will discover. The late, great dynasties of China, India, Rome, Persia, Greece… People once said that the sun never set upon the British empire owing to the diverse number of protectorates, colonies under the British crown. Britain remains, yet its dominance influence pales into insignificance comparatively.

Man does not wield absolute control; Jesus Christ is sovereign from eternity to eternity, as the record of history plainly shows. Whenever a nation rises to straddle the earth, like a colossus, bent on world domination, invariably, it dissolves into nothing whence it came. So be it.

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