Gross Terminology

The terms, independence and freedom used to cite one’s individual status upon completing secondary education and entering the “adult world” having become part of the work farce permanently, securing a residence, paying bills, allowed to take part in referendums, getting a motor vehicle.


Is there independence? One must exclude dependence on the water authority, retail shops, grocery stores, construction and manufacturing industries, medical establishments, schools and universities, and government for structure concerning all things social, political, and economic. Difficult to imagine independence because one is in a perpetual state of debt to a centralized government and for-profit businesses that own, control, and dispense one’s basic needs at a predetermined price. A co-dependent existence between individuals, businesses, and government. Independence is facile.


One is free, in a parochial sense. Free to do what you’re told, or else you will quickly find yourself on the margins, the fringes of a society that puts money before everything. Try securing the water you need daily without paying somebody for it, and the same for anything you may require. Is it just to arrest that which people need to survive and exact payment for that which they need to live, to withhold sustenance from another should that person lack the ability to meet your particular demands? To do so is to set yourself up as a god, an overseer of billions of people, and who knows what is best for all. Freedom is what the authority says it is.

How people who make a lifestyle out of selling themselves for money, doing someone else’s bidding, obliged to pay for everything consider themselves to be independent and free is beyond logic and reason. And yet, that is what we have regarding the majority. This is the mind of the typical self-proclaimed mature adult.

God has provided through nature and requires that you labor mentally and physically. The result is what you need to survive, which does not include money. There is no curriculum vitae, job search, interview, no waiting to see if you have merited favor in the sight of another human being no different from yourself. The result of your mental, physical labor: a mere promissory note.

A simple man proclaims, “put money first and you may live. Put God first and you may die. All is well.”

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