Stimulus Checks

I have yet to hear that I should submit to being injected with a serum {DNA vaccine} because it would benefit me. No, the first thing out of someone’s mouth is an excuse why they got in line; usually owing to their grasp of the facts, their knowledge which seems to be unsurpassed. Should one see another about to error regarding their health, the first utterance would be that one should think again as personal harm may follow. The insincerity is perspicuous; tacit and lends not to reason

Should a person wishes to keep their standing within their community, hold their head up high in righteousness as they continue to work for wages and pay their debts {the question is why is one in debt for all things to begin with, yet this is another matter} then I would highly recommend rolling up one’s sleeve and taking the jab. This way, whatever edicts, mandates that follow from our political leaders will not adversely affect you personally, apart from others. With assurance, you and your household will remain intact regardless of any measures deemed necessary by our public officials. This would be reason enough to protect one’s interests, one’s investment in the world; just do what you’re told.

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