The multitude has relaxed into the “American Dream.” A somnolent state of mind exists, the basics in life provided ready-made as well as luxuries as tangible machines that do the essential work. In the same vein, we have intangible machines like entertainment and news, which have become vogue. Central government provided the structure for all things social, political, and economic as well—the political machine. And so, apathy, contentment, and superficiality about life have replaced mental exercise and physical exertion regarding these matters. Those who lived one hundred and seventy years ago would marvel at the ease and comfort afforded to so many today. Most today do not appreciate the contrast. We have lost sight of our history, the vital principles concerning life as a constant struggle and a reliance on nature.

People have a sense of entitlement, particularly regarding good governance. Working for a living is intrinsic to life, so this does not provide an adequate reason for exaltation. The government through the private entity that is the Internal Revenue Service automatically deducts tax money from one’s earnings so there is no real effort by the taxpayer {a substantial argument raised that to rely on the goodwill or faith of the public to pay into the system would have relegated the United States to a perpetually nominal status compared to other nations}. A citizen may take part in the presidential referendum by spending one hour out of a particular day in November and arrive at a voting station merely to depress a button, thus publicly, officially declaring the candidate of one’s choice. From this act conducted at intervals of four years, are we to fix in our minds that we hold even a moderate level of political involvement or possess solid political prestige?

Tax money must first go to furnish the lifestyles of our political leaders primarily, naturally. After all, they require the basics in life, such as fair housing, healthy food, decent clothing, clean water. Only after securing the basics one can move forward with the burdensome duty of governance — the public and politicians alike.

The politicians are constantly striving to shape the nation, as on average, congress enacts three hundred pieces of legislation each year. This takes countless hours of research, counsel, draft making, and deliberation by our public officials, political leaders, and bureaucrats.

By stark contrast, the public is on the sidelines, absent from all the work conducted on their behalf. There are expectations heaped upon our governing officials by the majority, however, the work of the majority pales into insignificance comparatively, and yet the same lofty expectations remain

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