A partial face cover {PFC}, thermometer, and individual will. What do these things add up to?

Let us examine the practice of many people concerning these substances and their enrollment in the private environment.

The homeowner establishes particular means and governs the posture towards them for all concerned; whether it be boarders or even family members who occupy and share communal spaces, a spouse or intimate; the two sharing the same bedroom and all items that pertain to it. Typically, those who are in authority will engage rules of conduct that vary from that which they impose on others who may enter the home as welcomed visitors.

For example, the leadership dispenses with PFCs, and will not check their own temperature upon returning home from an excursion. This variance from the proclaimed public rule may apply to those who live in the same home as well. However, a visitor who crosses the threshold will have to don a PFC, submit to a general medical examination, and uphold an injunction to not touch certain surfaces; all in the name of personal safety. Withal, in a bizarre twist, all those who live in the home {including the owner} suddenly shift their posture and use a PFC for no other reason than a visitor has entered their environment.

Observed by any reasonable person, a double standard is patently in effect. We have one common denominator as a contagion. However, the leadership arbitrarily chooses not to submit themselves to a general medical examination upon entering their home from an excursion, and they set aside PFCs. Yet, when a visitor arrives, there is a capricious change in posture by all residents.

Ultimately, control is the motivating factor in the leadership’s mind; the contagion acts as a pretense for one to impose their will on others, and this produces immense self-gratification. All things being equal, the same standards would apply to everyone, yet there is an appalling absence of equality; stark contrast regarding the application of safety measures between leadership and those governed. The one who is in control will automatically grant themselves a dispensation simply because they can; and no other reason exists; it is pure partisanship.

Individual life is a microcosm of the world. One can adduce that those who set public policy regarding safety behave in accord with the narcistic principle that the rules do not apply to them, only to those they may control; and this brings them immense self-satisfaction. The public goes the way of their appointed leaders; they act the same way in their microscopic empires.

Elementary: the principle that those who are on top set the tone for those beneath; leaders lead and the followers follow enacting the same behaviors towards others as their leaders. Public officials use the plague as a pretext for exerting control over the public. Intrinsically, their mindset filters down, and pervades the views of the public. Observed in the preceding examination, those in control at any level adopt the mindset of their appointed leaders and thus operate in the same manner towards others.

We draw to a close with a statement of fact from a close friend who uses the term, “little Nazis” regarding those who take pride in inflicting upon others that which they choose not to inflict upon themselves.

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