One Authority {part one}

John 14:6

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

A myriad of perceptions abound regarding the way of coming unto the Father, despite the unambiguous words of Jesus Christ. There is the claim that one may spend one’s life calling upon, and putting faith in a Buddha, Muhammad, or others in the same bracket. Another is that one can merely subscribe to the principle of an unsung “higher power.”

“Man writes every book, therefore, they are unreliable” {the declaration of a pious multitude}. Therefore, one may or may not choose to believe the words recorded in John 14:6. Hence, a Buddha or a Muhammad may step into the breach and receive the same honor that others reserve only for Jesus Christ; and all is well.

How do those religious know what portions of the bible they are so fond of quoting are true? We may look to television and the affluent pioneers of the mega-churches. These trailblazers will use dexterity; avoiding the erroneous passages of Scripture with ease. They possess a keen awareness of their grave responsibility; shying away from all pretenses. Observed, there is tacit approval by all parties not to utter any of the falsehoods detected in Scripture. Rather, the speaker glides past them owing to good taste and propriety; and all is well.

Such freedom of selection regarding Scripture must feel quite liberating. Gone are the shackles of that “old-time religion” that held man down for so many centuries. What do these professors of the divergent faith know about the lives, the exploits of John Wycliff, and William Tyndale? These two along with many others went willingly to their deaths rather than stray one jot or one tittle from the Scripture; and they are well.

Part 2 of this tract will explore the doctrinal view that God not only purposed a written record of His Word but also has kept His Word.

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