Have you seen it? Christianity Lite seems to be the vogue. We have a slight grasp of our true selves; of sin, and a slight grasp of the Glory of God.

How much could such finite, frail creatures given to wander know about an omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient God, and His Glory?

Always seek for a better understanding of Jesus Christ, our Lord. There is nothing, absolutely nothing apart from Him.

I tell Him, thanks for all the blessings that rain down upon me each day. I praise Him for eternal life, His sacrificial death and resurrection, the purifying blood, the Scripture, mercy, grace, and so many innumerable gifts. Afforded many blessings we do not realize which in our ignorance { no excuse} we trample underfoot each day.

However, I find myself at an acute loss after saying I love Him and thanking Him. The mystery of Godliness. No, nothing short of seeing His face, being with Him in the Glory will suffice. Yet, I will continue to tell Him I love Him, and to praise Him, although I fall so short each day.

My efforts are small, puny, like one grain of sand of all the beaches in the world. Jesus Christ, our Blessed Lord and Master, our Savior, is a constant source of wonder, and amazement.

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