Gang Green

Isaiah 3:4

And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.

Keeping a historical view of life serves to guard against hidebound conclusions. A friend mentioned listening to a radio broadcaster, who stated there was no discord, confusion over intrinsic tasks within marriage, family prior to the middle of the 19th century. Enduring strategies transpired during industrialization; begetting mechanisms designed to allay individual burdens germane to survival. Reliance on others deteriorated into dependence on machinery; levelling the field where ingrained roles waned in importance. By 1940, most citizens lived in urban zones, planned communities. Men were the first to entertain employment contracts with proprietors. Finally, women insisted on “going the way of the world.” Their offspring—left assailable—became wards of the state entering academic apprenticeship.

This is the structure, having intensified at every conceivable level over centuries. Purposed herding of individuals as sheep into chutes leading to ostensive greener pastures. Stockades circled by disguised fences; subjugation of men, women, adolescents alike; all decisively equal in the warped judgment of eerie, daunting shepherds. A collective rout taxed by ravenous parasites and tutored by dubious masters. “Bodies piled upon bodies like a celestial funeral pyre.” There is little wonder over the increasing confusion, fear, inquietude foaming within the ramparts. The ambition to alter natural settings allegedly for ease and security simply a ruse conducted by deluded guides and gullible foot soldiers (culprits and victims must play their respective roles perfectly for an offense to develop).

Men, charted by women, trailed by offspring is the sole prescription for vigorous living. Satan and his clinical mob remain hell-bent on reversing God’s order of ascendency. Adults maintaining the immaturity of juveniles increases. Grownups progressively carry childish tendencies throughout adulthood. The term for this is “extended adolescence.” In a whirld where rudiments are mass produced, packaged, delivered—including occupations—all any person must resolve is to submit like a minor to the whims of a patron corporate bountiful (I dood it boss, I dood it!). Just do what you’re told, and the primary systematically dispenses with a nominal monetary award topped off with a patronizing pat on the cranium. “I pays my bills” cries the proud, honorable plebeian.

Robust societies compose dynamic communities of powerful families; without which any so-called “great society” falls victim to inward erosion, which historically precedes an outward invasion. In the unique case of the United States, the invaders take on virtual or cybernetic forms (ignore classical means of occupation such as masses of troops, ships and aircraft and learn the present model of low-intensity conflict). This country hawked decades ago in favor of a global leadership proposition and our top politicians hold no intent to “make American great again” whatever that means.

Preeminence distorted by the doctrine of equality introduces inborn characteristics into once distinct realms. Take hiring practices. Cover letters, resumes submitted for perusal in advance. The interview where we gather and chat versus having a prospective employee show their fluency pertaining to the job assignment. An interviewer is actually performing the role of a furtive profiler with their customary list of questions designed to calculate a person’s level of docility. The question is why all the head-scratching, agonizing over candidates for service trades? Here is a sample from an online job board: We are currently seeking talented and experienced staff: Full-time dishwasher! A praiseworthy opportunity to display one’s talent and expertise vis-à-vis scraping and rinsing dishware. Another for a valet lists such banners as education, experience, requirements, physical demands, and so forth. Should you fit the bill, table a concise resume, successfully complete a profile session, then wait to see if your preferred to fulfill the high-grade, enigmatic role (surely, you could throw a dart out your window and hit someone qualified).

Overly cautious, fretting upon details, emphasizing personal, extrinsic aspects in what is conventionally a professional situation, bound by indecisiveness. These hyperbolic criteria arise and permeate the work atmosphere because managers fear independent decision making. Hence, manifold schemes to ease one’s responsibilities as a director. Shielding is an apposite term for the contemporary organizer’s approach in rendering operative appointments. Advertise a vacancy, then overly grieve about who may respond to your voluntary solicitation. Transforming an ordinary task into an abstract crucible making an tawdry exhibition of ambivalence sans certainty.

Isaiah 3:12

As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

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