Half Baked

As regards proposed organizational legislation, inklings flare up after release via standard cybernetic outlets. Upon publication, snoozing delinquents awake—as if on cue—robotically spewing brash sentiments. The whole spectacle reminds of a pharaoh poking voodoo i-dolls with a sharp stick.

Take away the “boo” tube and captives would ponder their idiosyncratic hellions. This took place for centuries, of course. However, archival records show abject universal failure. Owing to scientific advancements, societies now possess mobile electronic mediums. In the palm of one’s hand; with a slight touch, bemused souls conjure awe-inspiring spectacles; raise spellbinding pictures coupled with entrancing sounds. Pass leisurely through this whirld isolated in distant cybernetic realms bursting with intrigue. Empty spirits drained of natural fluency turn impetuously to artificial stimuli (graciously provided by seeded welfare workers who try to relieve the uninvited strain of deciding what’s in force) to fill the vacuum that is an evanescent psyche. Manifestly, these psychoanalysts consider it best to stress the familiar; by proportion, regulate the individual to obscurity.

Commonplace among the ensnared is the dissemination of what amounts to banal diversions. Facebook has gone live evidenced by the nouveau riche occupying a junior culture coveting all things contrived as an alternative to stark realism, hence actual observation stays exiguous.

What passes for understanding these bleak days emanates from strange virtual networks, claiming to advance simple onlookers from novice to expert on any theme merely by touching an icon. The actual work fits the machine, and loyal users presuppose a finished commodity that is spotless—laundry appliances disinfect clothing; media sterilize information. Recently, an old lag proclaimed “facts don’t lie” to support his position to receive the jab. Still, a myriad of prominent health professionals in the U.S. alone take exception with the campaign; a quorum testifying before congress. The hostage actually disclosed his bias towards the fashionable view (the spent output) promulgated on mainstream channels sans separate critical analysis; in true doctrinaire fashion disregarded the aggregate of medical practitioners at variance with the prescribed gene therapy. Another elusive inference is that we lay all factors bare for the public to distinguish, hinting guileless faith in scientific establishments and mass media conglomerates composed of limited human beings. Taken equitably, it is not a matter of so-called facts but of God-given conscience.

“Don’t do anything that goes against your conscience, even if your country says so.”

~Albert Einstein

Do we actively pursue, explore central and peripheral information, analyse the labyrinth of conceivable motivations involved? Reasoning, drawing well-defined conclusions all in proportion to the severity of any matter? Or have we simply abandoned this nonpartisan discipline, preferring to deposit our stained wash as anxieties into media or political mechanisms, depress corresponding buttons, predicting the apparatus alone will finally produce sparkling results? I would say the latter. Demonstrated by most internees who cannot explain why they maintain certain views; having no predicate to stand on other than a perceived authority’s bald word. So, it’s not a matter of facts but supreme faith in designated, disaster-prone wardens. Having set aside the purpose of estimating freely, detainees simply hold out gilded artifacts but know not what’s underneath the surface. So, when probed, they impulsively adopt shielding postures; their gilt relics crumble, exposing the half-baked sludge underneath.

Every single person has experienced imprisonment—governed by “the strong man armed” and his insidious throng. The inimitable blessing is the one true living God interferes in one’s life and through the shed blood of the Lamb sets prisoners free outside of time for eternity. All things for the glory of God.

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