The Unlighted States of America

Communities increasingly cater to the lowest common denominator at every grade. Regarding peril—real or imagined—the weediest entities receive favor; held as the paradigm. Acquiescing to the feeblest link in the chain results in austere behavior modification. It is easier to hold a C-grade rather than aspire towards an A. Afforded the option—fostered by executives—the mass will naturally act in accord and retard.

The Indicted States of America

No longer striving to realize one’s inherent strengths; deliberate release prompts suspicion borne of guilt. A gloomy terror of probable exposure—the rise of eggshell personalities (answers why individuals instantly become defensive at the slightest inquiry concerning excessive behavior). Humans will do less when tempted, indorsed by administration.

Retreating from certain touchstones purely for the sake of ease is extant inordinate vogue—easier sharply entwined with better. A scarcity of discipline with grownups cosseting amusements. Interrogate those possessed by their mobile computers and witness antagonistic minors demanding conciliation. I often read model books while travelling on busses, trains, or settled in open squares et cetera; when queried, I howl in torment not. To wail in grief upon examination concerning a customary exercise generates from shame which betrays a disturbed conscience respecting what amounts to disproportionate pleasure-seeking.

The Benighted States of America

There are leaders separate from individuals who assume leadership positions. True directors compose a smaller number than available posts. Any fool granted resources may establish a service-oriented business and fruitfully maintain it by designating like-minded staff. Today’s proprietor expects unsighted conformity—the deciding factor in choosing workers—followed by an unqualified shambling of ladings.

The sacrifice of manufacturing trades and the rise of service employment intrinsically decreases personal and professional measures. Rules of conduct such as sexual harassment are products of attenuation as opposed to enlightenment. Manufacturing demands true leadership and readiness for success, while a trained ape can sufficiently deal with parcels (in the main, people resemble the character of their labors).

Present-day ersatz commanders find themselves at a disadvantage, routinely distancing themselves to avoid exposure. Unwarranted latitude and permissiveness occur such as personnel glorying in entertainment while at work.

Industry relates to quality structured by leaders, while amenity equals quantity wished by idlers.

The Gaslighted States of America

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