Birth and Death of Nations

Developed nations verge on luxury liners, and the country’s leaders approximate appointed captains. Passengers—the populace—look towards the Captain for direction and command and give honor. The legitimate question is, who owns the ship? Owners {plural} are fain to remain private; given their unique status, there is no desire to offer themselves to those they consider beneath them; require no approval from ‘the great unwashed.’ Those who belong to robust clans rank far above wealthy individuals, such as Mr. Gates, Mr. Buffet, Ms. Winfrey, and Mr. Bezos. Family names such as Rothchild, Guggenheim, Carnegie, Ford, Sloan, Rockefeller, and DuPont sound familiar to Americans. However, such families with untold wealth thrive across the globe. These upscale families are the proprietors, and even they count on a domain with influence superseding their own as the Vatican in Rome.

Voting for a presidential candidate {chosen by party leaders and not by you} every four years; operating on the belief the system automatically takes care of itself; focusing primarily on our personal lives is preposterous. This picture of American life does not harmonize with the U.S. Constitution and other written records left by architects. Civics call for daily personal attention; not blind loyalty in established authorities. Who reads the Constitution or the works of the founders? Is there time devoted to reviewing proposed congressional legislation and expenditure, deliberating with others, drawing conclusions, and then communicating with lawmakers concerning their proposals? This is the duty of every citizen plainly stated in marked documents. The electorate is oblivious, indifferent to instruction left to ensure the promises embodied in these documents remain fixed for generations.

Besides the directives dealing with civic responsibility, these manuscripts are replete with admonitions should the multitude ignore their duties; rely entirely on trusted leading lights. There are dreadful consequences for exercising what amounts to ignorant faith in officeholders to run the country. Positively, human beings are innately flawed; once you link generous power and abundant capital to the equation sans appropriate public oversight, the results will prove destructive. This is not to imply that such inspection eliminates blunders. However, without precise civil monitoring, distress under such volatile conditions is limitless. There is no ceiling to it. The ascending national debt serves as a prime illustration. Further, let us disabuse ourselves of the credulous notion that dilemmas suddenly arise in singular, easily discernable forms. Typically, strife ensues owing to a variety of motives that gradually coalesce over extensive periods; manifest plainly at the point of maximum expansion; like a balloon filled with air until it cannot hold anymore bursts suddenly but expectedly; it is inevitable. The point being awareness. Biography tells that mainstream people, the preponderance, invariably are the last to develop a conscience realization of their genuine state. Here, the ‘majority rules’ maxim proves detrimental because we are all coupled together. If the majority composes individuals who are unaware of looming dangers; mindlessly proceeding along an erroneous path, then all will become subject to inexorable dire repercussions; plunge off the proverbial cliff.

Curiously, conventional types profess themselves as prudent in all matters; independent when, in fact, they are dependent; apart from the rest when actually they are part of the whole. This results from a lack of self-examination, which is inherently a fearful prospect evaded at all costs; the only viable option in this state is to raise ourselves as wise becoming fools. Anyone familiar with Scripture recognizes this precept. If it were true that most people were prudent and possessed acute vision, then whence comes wars? Predicaments remain unforeseen; only realized subsequent and again, an unthinking reaction typically ensues. How come the American government can cultivate twenty-eight trillion dollars in debt? The answer is because they can; the society is weak; unable to compose an intelligence body to deny such deliberate, desolate behavior. Those in charge cannot manage themselves and as a body fall into grievous error. Equally condemned: the ruling class and those under the rule; both parties cannot properly perform their unique functions involving governance.

There is mutual agreement concerning spending by primary political associations despite the divisive rhetoric one hears within mainstream media {the owners call mainstream news “chicken feed” and exterior division is ‘political theatre’}. The nation is at a complete loss to deal intelligently with matters of leadership, naturally. Not a condemnation—realization that politics is like any field of endeavor; few possess a genius for it. The condemnation comes in as the multitude set themselves up as wise despite their natural condition; this is mere play-acting.

The United States: sold to integrate into a universal scheme. Again, we may look upon this plan as deciding on a house. The concept develops first; followed by acquisition of property, materials, and labor. Then construction according to predetermined specifications made by the partners. In the late 1940s, the framework comprising the World Health Organization, United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Union, General Agreement Tariffs Trade charter et al. Since we have witnessed further construction in precise phases and to date the house is becoming apparent even to those unaware of the account concerning the overall project.

To accept the claim that world rulers planned the prevailing plague means to divorce oneself from the tender notions regarding the hearts of men; without God’s intervention in one’s life, this endures an impossible task. I would ask anybody who does not recognize premeditation to consider how they would react if it were? The techniques exist and that leadership would engage in such deception is a foregone conclusion substantiated by recorded history. So, what would anybody base their conclusions on? It is an unalloyed matter of faith.

Scriptural truth—there is no other — humanity is unequipped to govern autonomously; separated from the one living God revealed in creation and in the Christian bible.

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