Visible Principles/Invisible Purposes

Place yourself in an icy-weather environment and put on an N95 respirator mask as prescribed. Then, exhale. Your breath not merely passes forward thorough the cover but noticeably escapes around the periphery, taking the path of least resistance. A screen yields next to nothing as preventing the spread of this purported virus. Achieved is simply alteration of the direction of travel of any ultra-microscopic liquid particles {approximate tiny liquid molecules emitted from an aerosol cannister}.

Having determined that containment with any veneer is impractical, we move towards the benefits of wearing a facade so as not to contract the plague by covering one’s beak and mouth, yet trusted authorities within mainstream media routinely exclude the obvious—the eyes. Fact: the eye region is a viable avenue for any virus or bacteria to enter.

We have a division between common sense and claims by supposed experts appearing in mainstream media. Which would you choose? The question in one’s mind is why are the self-styled experts consistently at odds with plain common sense and reason? Here lies conflict; they may have to break with trusted authorities; debate them on the grounds of simple rationale. This provokes a blow concerning their faith in the essential virtue of man and to embrace this interval requires a courage that they don’t have; it means throwing everything else aside and siding with the protesters in Ottawa, Canada, or those presently travelling to Washington, D.C. Perhaps indeed launching their own stance in resistance right where they stand and encouraging others to work out the same. It is as significant as all that! What are the chances of proceeding door to door and convincing others one at a time of the reality, then acting in concert in opposition; simply saying no to wearing any mask either in public or at work; not of necessity joining a formal protest operation, such as mentioned earlier. It is as simple as that, really.

Establishing the will of our political and business leaders and the measures as technologies to alter a person’s conscious state remain forgone conclusions. It is accepting that our leading lights would purpose such an action that confounds the masses.

Ephesians 6:12
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

If the will and methods are clear, why not put the zap on everyone immediately? The answer is it would be an extreme shock, proving detrimental to the overall aim. Rather, it requires a gradual buildup, and this has been the procedure over decades. The same principle pertains to why we do not provide someone malnourished {like those captives in concentration camps of WW2 — a substantial meal right away — it might kill them. Rather, you introduce nourishment moderately until the body adjusts. The same applies to other instances, such as establishing manufactured radiation. Initially it was 1G, and in continuing ten year increments 2, 3, 4, and in 2020 5G. 6G looms on the horizon by 2030. Over time, our bodies absorbed and adapted to the changes, but not without fits, which I maintain we are witnessing these days. Now, however, we bathe in fabricated radiation from sunup to sundown and because of this steady process; the preponderance doesn’t seem to discern, recognize the immense corporeal and cognitive modifications that have taken place.

Severing from the rampant view that typically man is stable means to accept the only truth regarding man’s genuine state, which comes from the Christian Word of God alone. Every so-called religion suggests a formula which anyone can adopt and reach triumph. Christianity is exclusive because it presents a formula and declares you may adopt it, but you can’t manage it; and we dislike this prospect. It identifies us as perennial failures and we need a savior, and He has come in the sui generis form of Jesus Christ.

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