Perceived authorities set the agenda. Our management agencies make their program known publicly through trusted mainstream mediums of delivery. The majority immediately fall in line simply because they are natural-born followers; primed since childhood to take pride in submitting. Next are those who trail because they fear the label of outcast; give way to peer pressure. The ensuing group obeys because of financial career concerns. Fair to surmise that whatever the leadership promotes, whether right or wrong, will typically capture the imprimatur of the preponderance.

This being the case, we may conclude the arguments of the majority are teleological; starting with a mechanical belief in what the experts claim and work backwards. When queried, they recite any external evidence fed to them by trusted consultants.

The last cluster of people – depending on the matter – may choose not to follow owing to a stronger God-given conscience {whether they are indeed Christian is an entirely different topic}. Independent analysis often produces contrast, underlying purposes over and against visible principles espoused within the mainstream. This remnant of individuals becomes the focal point of the supervising corporation; the relationship between these two sectors attracts the acute attention of all parties.

Let’s be clear: innate social features abound at all levels, compassing every part of education and science. For example, there are scientists and educators who do not trust evolution theory yet remain quiet in practice incurring to these shared inherent mortal qualities. In addition, we have bias and frailty. No shortage of renowned individuals in all fields that believe their distinct race is superior, or indulge in pedophilia, pornography, Luciferianism, murder, Satanism, and avarice amongst other cardinal perversions. These abominations rest not completely within the strata of low-income, individual, or societal. In fact, a fair degree of unsolved criminal exercise results from miscreants who dwell in high statuses, wielding uncommon means and influence they avoid public scrutiny.

An eminent preacher of the 20th century initially embarked on a medical career, gained distinction, and tended to the upper-crust. Years later, he became convinced to enter the ministry; subsequently he landed in a poverty-stricken parish and minded those at the opposite end of the collective spectrum. Eventually, this pastor concluded that those leading lights he once managed were in worse ethical shape than his current audience.

Intellect versus judgment. All human beings vary regarding intellectual capacity, yet judgment is where we all share equally in miserable failure; having earned a university degree matters not in the slightest. This reveals Scriptural Truth. Humanity, acting autonomously, is bound for complete and utter disaster. God, in His inscrutable wisdom, exercises long-suffering, allowing humanity the opportunity desired, to prove we can put everything right with our finite mental power and meager discernment. We should be in a splendid state after five thousand years. However, wars and rumors of wars persist, suicides, myriad forms of criminality and disease on the increase…

Recently, however, a proclamation by our foremost luminaries is we need the internet to encompass the entire globe – it is an existential matter. Do we see the irrationality? I for one do not equate internet with air, or water. The reality as it pertains to necessities will remain fixed forever on this earth. This illogical purpose betrays the extent to which societies have floated away from realism. Listen to these disoriented captains broach wild assertions about a critical need for global cyberspace facilities; expanding our abysmal trance-formation of the planet into an artificial landscape.

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