Insurgent Death

Doyens who dispute the Scriptural interpretation concerning origins of life will glory in their own version; widely proclaim to have gained precise knowledge via scientific research and examination governed by human perception. Conspicuously absent, however, explains the origins of death.

Commencement and completion hold equal value, so we take both as a whole. This lop-sided approach reeks of bias. We must attribute dawning and finale to the same nebulous, blind, remote force. Therefore, of necessity, corresponding standing as respected comprehension. Rather than establishing a viewpoint regarding expiry, adherents of ‘good fortune’ immediately embark on ways and means of potentially surmounting demise.

Not a fair treatment of the vague, distant dynamism which occasioned existence. Isn’t dying as in living grandeur? Still, loss perceived as a lacuna; designated by scholars aiming at reconciliation between science. Here, humanity proves colossal ignorance à propos embodiment and time. Researchers concentrate merely on the visible frame while ignoring the invisible spirit. Clear bodies survive only in a stint, yet imperceptible essence coexists with eternity. Simple figures expire at the conclusion of an interval while abstruse cores continue.

Once the soul departs, it leaves academics with a lifeless body, which peculiarly they fervently work to add life to in advance. These matters are not important if one ignores the reality of being.

People ascribe cleverness to their finite selves pertaining to established artifacts. In associating expertise of natural design with an infinite personality, the golden rule aimlessly withdraws; pretentious creatures scratch their heads, approximating glorified apes.

A defiant, mendacious cry that higher intelligence does not exist beyond the corporeal despite the vibrant suggestion to the contrary. Spiritual blindness as aptly put in the Scripture. Truth ignored but not rescinded; like the spirit, verity is forever.

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