Sight Unseen

Societies base character judgments on remote personages solely on appearances. How much more concerning persons in their center? ‘Hidden in plain sight’ is a powerful tenet used deliberately by notables instigating inner war on the minds of an enraptured audience. Humans that dutifully follow simulation; break with reality.

“Visible principals over invisible purposes.” Manly Hall.

Politics {akin to any substance} requires an intuitive genius to achieve success. However, this immutable law remains lost on the majority that declares to be culturally astute. Odds promote a comparative few particularly regarding government. The dubious claim lives on the forked tongues of the preponderance. Actions reveal the story as realism is unavoidable. The passive endeavor of viewing news programs suffices for average types. Conversely, those genuinely civic minded actively engage doctrines outside the dearly loved rectangular box. So, the authenticity presents through activities and ordinary citizens approximate simple spectators.

“Little strokes fell mighty oaks.” Benjamin Franklin.

That which endures unseen destroys. The gradual procedure {related to water coursing over a rock} continues imperceptibly. One questionable piece of legislation here, a suspect administrative appointment there; little by little the world revolutionized. People pay scant attention to this method of sabotage; favor accorded to any hasty, observable scheme that anybody with a subaltern scholarship could certainly appreciate. So, the numb citizenry as a collective {similar to an entity under the influence of angel dust} sits passively and blindly stares as shady enactments and unsavory selections routinely pass by, pleasant clouds in the cordial air. Society approximates the oak tree firmly planted in season and powerless to remove to a place of refuge avoiding circumstance; the minor raps will force you into subjection. Time is the herald of death.

“Two bulls span a hilltop surveying a group of heifers grazing in the valley. The lesser eagerly says to the greater, let’s run down and soil one of them. The greater patiently replies let’s walk down and soil them all.”

Spiritual blindness accounts for the amazing shortage of insight. Not so with a limited number in your midst and perfectly secluded grandees who give an overall arrangement of life. The central difference is that those nearby remain free from electoral and financial influences that intend to subject you. Motivations stay obscure and therefore discernment must have rank. Blind faith in political heads wielding innate propensities over a bereft population equates a toxic proposition.

Listen close, hear discrete silence as a certain noteworthy on tell-a-vision or radio broadcast who professes to be wise carefully sidesteps the meticulous style of destruction. Imbalanced, these sibyls try to pacify beings by refraining from the obvious. Many forms exist to suppress populations, and this glaring fact the self-proclaimed oracles shy away from because they’re subjects and fearful of the authority.

Look upon these diviners as very faint-hearted souls who overthrow the facts through illiteracy.

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