September 1929, December 7 1941, September 11 2001, December 2007. All dates that will live in infamy. Why are these dates and occurrences {only to list a comparative few} so indelible in the minds of so many Americans in particular? Tragic they are, to be sure, however there is another important element. Beforehand, portions of the public were so high they failed to realize the ever-present, potent enemy who always traverses the ground as a venomous snake. Carried away with merriment, lost in the clouds, entranced, blind to the stark reality, the truth about life, real life, not imagined.

When people utter such things as, “I didn’t think it could happen here,” they are saying a lot about themselves. One may reasonably query as to, why not? Or even, “Where were you?” Another saying that one finds perplexing is, “this is the greatest time to be alive.” This one is gaining currency today owing to luxury and technological advances. Should one take this proposition to a Children’s Hospital, a funeral procession, a critical care unit, amid a world-wide pandemic, with increasing rates of suicide and criminality, {just to list a comparative few} it would not resonate well with those afflicted. It speaks of a parochial view of life, whittled to one’s personally fortunate circumstances as a metric–all others damned!

Scripture reminds and thus keeps one grounded, where we should be, with the adversary, in reality. Not with our head in the clouds, but with our head affixed to our body, not separated. There is awareness, a corresponding sobriety with a healthy concern for all others, of all circumstances, at all times, home and abroad–Sobriety.

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