The Spirit of the Lord

Those outside the Church of Christ do not accept the fact of an evil principle governing their perspective and motives. Those inside have the supreme power of God’s Spirit, which enables them to see the evil principle at work. The called must, however, work out their salvation with fear and trembling so not to grieve the Spirit. The Spirit governs, but not in a mechanical sense. We may characterize those governed by the evil principle as mechanical, however. They live unaware of the supernatural forces that exist and without thinking simply react to circumstances, remaining oblivious as to their origins. God graciously affords the Christian with insight into Spiritual matters.

Recorded in Matthew 2:13 the Angel of the Lord appears unto Joseph and warns of impending danger regarding “the young child.” The Angel of the Lord commands Joseph to flee to Egypt and escape Herod’s indignation. Why would omnipotent God take such measures as opposed to simply killing Herod? Long ago, Satan and his devotees rebelled and God, in His inscrutable wisdom, allows them to remain active. Yet, God uses them to accomplish His overall plan for all and the earth itself. God is always in complete control; and ultimately, this is God’s war. We see that God fulfills prophesy in this event as we go on to read Matthew 2:15.

Many become discouraged when a certain political leader leaves office or perhaps when another attains the same office. The mindset is that we are losing the battle, and something must take place so that we may re-establish ourselves. Yet, who can stand in the way of God’s plan? This perspective betrays a lack of understanding of not only who is in control, but what is actually taking place; God’s overarching plan. The sovereign will of God remains intact and unabated, always, and forever.

Here we must realize the vital importance of working out salvation with fear and trembling. A heightened sense of the reality on earth; the supernatural forces battling all around us. The Spirit of the Lord keeps us from evil. Let us strive for an understanding of what the Spirit of God would have us do. Not privileged to know all, however; we are privileged to have the Comforter who will lead us through the pitfalls and to certain everlasting glory. Expect trials owing to the ever-present evil that persists. Christians have the advantage of being enabled to walk with the Spirit through this life. Seeing our need let us strive not the quench the Spirit.

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