Biological Reasoning

Catalyst for World Domination

To 95% of any population: linear thinking governs; cause and effect, a straight line; with no deviations. We can call these conformists, or followers.

To the 5%: spherical thinking governs; 3 dimensional, seeing all sides and all angles. We can call these contrarians, or leaders.

Biological reasoning in its two facets predetermines linear and spherical margins. We can make an analogy in that the threshold for physical pain varies in degrees from person to person. One merely lives within their own predetermined margins. This is but one cardinal truth that is typically unappreciated. We can make enhancements in order to further develop each sense. However, the linear facet inclines feelings, emotions. Comparatively, the spherical facet inspires logic and reason. Elitists rely on these natural causes and thus can mold societies. The elite are not favorable towards the spherical thinking populace and purpose to side-track these individuals at every level.

A group of elitists formed the United States. The ultimate aim: to create a foundation which would act as a springboard for themselves and future like-minded individuals whose maxim is Illuminist in quintessence. In muted form: their aim is to assume control over every human being on the planet. They are patient in that those who champion this aim accept that the overall (pardon the pun) aim is not to be ripen fully in their lifetime. Rather, they resign to move the agenda forward, only to pass the initiative on to the next generation of relatives and those like-minded.

The illuminati today, so vast and entrenched, has reified over centuries. These “illumined ones” have infiltrated all viable institutions to include the upper-echelons of government and religious institutions. Any workable institution has illuminists in it. In a practical manner; if you can name it, they are present at some level.

The institution of the United States; grounded accordingly on the following universal fact: Out of any union of people, a majority of 95% choose to follow. Capitalizing on this natural regulation, the elitists had only to define themselves as the trusted authority (the public elected them, not) and introduced the constitution in like manner. They conceived a conciliatory narrative of an American way of life for all eyes to distinguish, for consumption by the masses; the public to fulfil the embodiment in high hopes of establishing a great nation of people all striving together for resplendence.

Particularly, the constitution implies that an active and informed public ensures representation by the people, and for the people. Now it is here that biological reasoning managed by the elitists proved unerring in that only 5% of any amalgam of people will take a truly active role in politics. Intrinsically, the value negates proposed fair representation. A fitting quote from a notable author and historian regarding political posturing, “Visible principles over invisible purposes.” 

One look at your life today would only prove to corroborate both why the United States started and that out of any fusion of people the vast majority naturally choose to follow. First verification: Most material wealth to include vital resources is in the elite’s control. Second verification: we owe it to the alacrity of the preponderance who live their lives in accord with the fictional portrait, making the first verification possible. The fictional portrait serves to inveigle the population to engage the motivations of the elite.

A brief consideration of the president. To the conformist, the president is the most powerful man in the world. To the contrarian, the president serves as a front man for the public to admire. An obsequious skipper for the elite as it is the elite who determine the direction of the ship called, “The United States” and the skipper who merely steers the ship according to the prescribed manner.

I would advance that the aristocracy seized upon the Christian bible, diluted, dismissed, even reversed truths; creating their own personal volume; a working model placing man himself at the center. Indelibly, true Christian faith weakened. This counterfeit appeared more palatable to the natural man who unwittingly adopted it as his own.

People live their lives solely within the context of the framework fabricated for them, being told what to think, as opposed to being educated in how to think. Views on life absorbed primarily through formal education, mass commercial media, advertising and the entertainment industry.  

Practically all opportunity to live naturally has removed and serves to remind the conformist and coerce the contrarian to continue steadfast in the program. You labor for money, use it to pay providers who profit on your needs and desires. It is a life of privilege by paying others and/or machines to do what we prefer, not. Conformists take great pride in dependency; losing control over vital resources is of no consequence, as a privileged life seems easier. Contrarians, however, view dependence as a setback.

With the advance of credit creation, especially in the 1980s, an individual could possess their very own living space and all material goods that pertain. To the conformist, this is progress. To the contrarian, individualism took precedent over family; the W in we inverted to spell me.

How is it then that the truth seems so well hidden? One point to ponder is that most people believe that they have minds of their own. However, there is an understated view; perhaps it may be wise to realize that your mind has a mind of its own, and if you don’t control it, then somebody else will. To put it simply, your mind reacts to certain stimuli independent of your conscious. For example, if you place your hand on a hot stove, the mind automatically prompts a saving reaction, overriding any conscious thought process of determination. The elite use this fundamental to influence your behavior by introducing certain stimuli into the controlled environment one lives in.

To the aristocracy, the public is fish in a bowl; considered, probed, documented, and subsequently controlled by various, subversive behavioral modification techniques. Your personal/family life is only a microcosm of life in the United States and the world.

The elite systematically endeavor to shape human minds, and this will only get progressively worse. To engage in practices that lead to redesigning the human mind is contrary to nature. Most practices are quite ancient, as rulers on earth have always minded the possibility of controlling human behavior. Of course, rulers have changed over centuries, yet this endeavor by rulers has remained a constant. Technology has proved highly beneficial to those in power; used most effectively on the public through an array of instruments and devices. The nature of such schemes is insidious and the means subtle. 

Any single person, particularly in the modern era, has not been themselves a day in their life. You most likely entered the school system when you were 5. From then on, your mind belonged to the state. The Secondary Education Act of 1965 featured core curriculum that was in fact established by business leaders and implemented by the federal authorities. It remains the most expensive education bill to date; enacted less than three months after being introduced. This initiative has mechanisms designed to promote and reward compliance. The impetus for the elite in strategizing regarding the SEA was to identify, and then target for exclusion contrarians at an early age and also to enhance the linear thinking of the conformists.

Passage of the SEA marked a shift in the paradigm as the elite took increased strides to further the development of linear thinking in people while simply ignoring those of a spherical mindset. They reward conformists while discriminating against contrarians. Another quote from a notable author and historian, “Permanent progress results from education, not legislation. Education is not the programming of individuals for mere economic survival. The greater spiritual, nonmaterial part deals in the intangibles of right motivation and right use. No individual who exercises wrong motives and misuses privileges attains to wisdom, regardless of the amount of formal schooling received.”

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